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Linear RPG walkthrough

Updated on May 16, 2010

One of the more interesting entries in a game competition, with the theme being "LoFi". This game was created by Sophie Houlden. This plays similar to a real online roleplaying game. Your characters progress through a story, battling monsters and encountering villages and other checkpoints. But there is a twist... the game progresses on an actual line you navigate. If you haven't tried it yet (and then why are you looking for a linear game solution?) you can visit the official site and start playing here.

This was a fun little game, and I enjoyed a few others that came out of the competition it was created for. What did you think of it? Leave your comments below, or check out some similar free browser RPGs after the walkthrough:

Linear RPG screenshot.
Linear RPG screenshot.

The real way to win the game is just by walking. Instead of walking in a straight line, walk backwards. You'll level at the same pace, and if you walk into a town area (checkpoint), your health will be fully restored. This might make the story a little hard to read as you're doing this so look away from the screen if it's breaking your concentration. :)


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