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List of the best N64 Games and where to find them

Updated on August 22, 2012

Top video games for the Nintendo 64 console

Here is a compilation of the Best Video games for the N64 and where to get them cheap. Also if you are looking to purchase a N64 console you should check out the newest models by clicking on the links below. 

N64 games kick A$$

I am 25 years old now, and I'm considered an old school gamer. Sounds crazy but its true, Video games have changed dramatically over the past decade. I have tried to pick up a Xbox 360 controller and couldnt handle so many buttons. The Wii can be a fun console, but still too difficult for games like Zelda or any of the racing games for me.

I won't begin to rant about games like Halo or Tom Clancy's Rainbow six style games. What happened the simple plot with easy to control characters? The games have changed so much that I don't even enjoy these new games, specially not when they cost me an arm and a leg to buy one. $39.99-$59.99 ! Thats insane.

I think I will stick to my "classics" and continue to play my NES, SNES, Sega, and my N64

Where can you find an N64 for cheap?

How Much does an N64 cost? It depends on where you find them. I normally just go to to purchase all my eclectic needs. I find that a lot of sellers compete for the cheapest price. So on the fundamentals of supply and demand, you can usually find a great price on older stuff.  Sometimes, you will find that the list price for a new N64 will be outrageous, but if you look in the used section you can find an amazing deal.

 Another great part is that most of the sellers will briefly describe the condition of the item. If they put " Like New " and say that it works perfectly and was fully tested. You buy it and try it and find out its broken or not what they said, you can most likely get a refund or another one. Amazon does not tolerate crappy sellers! This will work to your benefit. 

Some of the best games ever created!

You can find some of the best games ever created on the N64. Here is a brief list of some of the all time greats! Click on the game of choice to check the used section to find the deals. People jack the list price thinking these are collectible items. 

Some of the other Classic Nintendo games

One game that me and my friends enjoyed alot was Mario Kart 64. I remember many nights driving on rainbow road and that ghost level. Many times I  used to drive my kart right off the edge and into the black abyss simply because I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open. Or fighting with my friends about which character to choose from. I always wanted to be yoshi.

Some of the other great games I've played on the N64 include:

StarFox, Perfect Dark, Mega Man 64, Turok, Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong racing, and Yoshi Story. I'm sure there are many more than this, but These are all I can remember.

How much do you know about N64 games?

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    • Midasfx profile image

      Midasfx 7 years ago

      Agreed !

    • Janglin profile image

      Janglin 7 years ago from The Great Midwest

      The good old days of Golden Eye and Perfect Dark. Perfect Dark still may be the best FPS ever created.