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Lord of Ages in Aeria Games

Updated on April 29, 2011
lord of ages
lord of ages

Lord of Ages is one among a range of browser games hosted by Aeria Games, where you play the role of a ruling lord, recruit heroes to do your bidding, complete daily quests to earn rewards, manage the land over which you hold power by building establishments in order to reinforce your rule... and so on.

First Things First: Resources

Before jumping on others, you are required to enrich your land with resources, namely food, iron, stone and lumber, via buildings in the city, namely farm, iron mine, quarry and sawmill respectively. In order to enhance the supply of resources per hour, all aforementioned buildings can be upgraded. Use the number of available plots provided in the city wisely so as to perpetuate sufficiency in supply of resources.

In Town

You are also required to construct various establishments here, each for equally various reasons. Below is a list of said buildings and their respective functions:

  1. Town Hall - Upgrades speed up construction and upgrading of other buildings.
  2. Inn - Where heroes can be recruited. The higher the building's level, the more powerful heroes you may be able to find here.
  3. Barracks - Where military units are trained and recruited. The higher the building's level, the quicker you can afford to recruit a number of units.
  4. Academy - Aids in the city's production rate, construction and enhancing military potential.
  5. Rally Spot - Where your army can be ordered into assembly or dispatched to carry out your orders
  6. Cottage - Where the city's population is housed. The more upgrades it receives, the higher the population limit will be.
  7. Warehouse - Stores the city's resources. The higher the building's level, the more resources it is able to contain.
  8. Beacon Tower - Determines the chances of receiving information from the affair of scouting.
  9. Embassy - Enables alliances with other players to execute joint missions together.
  10. Workshop - Where equipment is upgraded. The higher the building's level, the higher the level of upgrades equipment may be able to attain.
  11. Secret Warehouse - Unlike the aforesaid warehouse, a certain amount of your resources are kept safely away from being plundered by enemy players.
  12. Marketplace - Where resources are traded between players, the currency being coins.

Beyond the city

Lying beyond the borders of your rule are other cities belonging to other players, as well as wildernesses. Attacks may or may not reward you, depending on the strength of your hero under your employ as well as the combined power of your army. Rewards include coins, resources, equipment, gem and even stray heroes held captive. Swamps and hills are wildernesses where all beginners should concentrate on, before advancing on to forests and caves, wherein lie enemies by formidable numbers, ones you should take on upon establishing yourself an equally formidable army. 

Lord of Ages is somewhat like any other war-based browser game you can basically find in the internet, almost similar to Call of Gods hosted by Aeria Games as well, save instead of a mythical setting, Lord of Ages runs along the lines of the Middle Ages where it was then common to come across power-hungry lords bent on expanding their reign over the land as far and wide as any power-hungry lord could actually afford.


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