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Madden 25 How to WIN Head To Head Games With Strategy and Tips

Updated on August 28, 2013
Madden 25 Guides and Tips
Madden 25 Guides and Tips | Source


In this guide I will be talking about the plays that WILL win you games, and how to beat your opponent on Madden 25's Head to Head games. Keep in mind I will be posting a LOT of Madden 25 guides so check back once the game is released, AND also don't forget to follow on Twitter @Johnrr631992 and check out my Youtube by clicking on my video below a I will also post a LOT of Youtube videos for Madden teaching you guys how to play..

Remember, these are plays that I noticed work, and I will be teaching you how to use the opponents weaknesses to your advantage within Madden 25.. I have played the game fairly extensively before writing this, as I did my Madden 13, and Madden 12 guides which can be found on my profile.

Madden 25 Head To Head Information

This is one of the game modes that has ALWAYS Been on Madden, and allows you to play against other players quickly, and easily without going through franchise mode, ultimate team, and allows for quick games. When playing this game mode, you can be any team, and you will face an opponent of similar skill level.

Pass Play type that works


Choosing the right plays OFFENSIVELY

When you are playing Madden, your overall goal is to out-think the other player in order to win the game. This all falls down to choosing the right plays, and playing off of your opponents weaknesses. If you are playing an inexperienced player, they will always do similar plays, and typically stick to blitz plays as they think they will sack you every time. Not to mention they do not know the tricks to hide your offensive plays once you are getting into formation. So with that being said, you will have no problem defeating players like this, BUT you can still choose plays when playing good opponents that will allow you to still move up the field, and win games. So I will go through bullets now and talk about ways to beat your opponent.

Tip 1 - When passing try to have slant plays in the mix. I typically try to stick to a shotgun play when I HAVE to throw the ball to allow extra room away from the opponents line, BUT always have slants in the mix. Even if you are throwing the Hail Mary (which i don't suggest) or long plays, change one of your players to run a slant. Slant passing is an extremely difficult play to cover, and at some point one of your players will be open. On Madden 13 I would be able to rush the line, and make my way all the way down the field changing certain players, audible-ing and running new players into slant formations. The same goes for Madden 25. You will always have some player open, or a fast receiver, and the only time this will fail is when the defense catches on, or your player drops the ball.

Tip 2 - DO NOT RUN THE SAME PLAY EVERY TIME - As I said above, on Madden 13 I could run one play down the field, BUT I also said that at the line, I would audible, change the running patterns, and reverse the play. I would spend about 20 seconds changing everything around to fool the defense.. If you run the EXACT same play every time, the defense will catch on, and you will throw interceptions. Do not make this mistake in game, as it will cost you greatly.

TIP 3 - Run the Ball.. Even if you are not great at running the ball, and do not know all the tricks.. Running the ball here and there throws off the defense, and allows for short completions. Before the start of a play, look for a weakness in the defense, and know where you are going to run. Also learning the different spins, and how to use the truck stick will improve your running abilities significantly. As I said before, running the ball throws off the defense, and if the defense sets up a zone play thinking you are passing, getting 8-10 yards is fairly easy. I do not suggest using runs when it is 3rd down and you have more than 5 yards.

Defensive Tips

TIP 1 - IF you are inexperienced with defense plays, or don't really know football, then use the Madden Suggested defensive play.. You can choose Aggressive/Conservative, or the best play, but IF you are not sure what to do on defense, let Madden choose for you.

TIP 2 - As I said in the offensive tips, DO NOT run the same play every time. A good opponent will tear your team apart if they know you are running the same play each time.

TIP 3- Play the skill games to learn the new tricks. If you need help learning to play defense, then I highly suggest going through the defensive tutorials, and practicing what they teach you. These steps and tips will help you become a better player in the long run, and also update you on new things that were added to the game.

TIP 4 - Don't move players far from their designated areas.. One thing I have seen in the past, and when playing with friends is that they will take a zone player before the snap and decide to run in on my quarter back with that player. While that player typically gets through, I can usually read that play, and send a player to that area, and make an easy catch, and easy first down. So do not move players from their area to run in.. Instead take a player who is rushing the QB anyway, and try sneaking around the offensive line for an easy sack.

Tips for paying attention

TIP 1 - Pay attention to the clock. This is one of the biggest mistakes of players. They rush plays, or they choose the wrong play, or run out of time. Watch the clock, and choose your play accordingly. If you are ahead in the 4th quarter, only do run plays to run down the clock, and get the short yardage. Remember that if you fail on a pass play, it not only stops the clock, but that is essentially 40 seconds your giving your opponent.

TIP 2 - If you make a big play, OR notice a big flaw in the opponents defense on a play, rush the line. If you have to audible then do so, but usually when a defense fails on a play, they will fail again if you rush the play, not to mention a defensive audible makes the offenses chances much greater on a second attempt.

TIP 3 - Save your time outs.. Don't waste a time out early in the game, because you don't know what the circumstances will be in the second quarter, and the 4th quarter. You do get 3 timeouts at the beginning of the 3rd quarter, BUT saving your timeouts is very important in Madden especially when you are losing with limited time left.

TIP 4 - Be wary of long passes. Keep in mind when throwing a long pass you are giving the defense more time to read where the ball will land, and opens up a large chance of losing the ball. This is why I do not suggest Hail Mary's or plays where all your offensive receivers are running in a straight line for more than 15 yards..

My Own Madden 25 Footage


When you are playing madden following my tips, will give you a little better advantage.. As I said I have been writing these guides for Madden since Madden 12, and have been playing the Madden games since the early 2000s.. So I have picked up on tips along the way, and have learned my way around the field.. If you need more help feel free to message me on Xbox @ MKS JohnR.. ALSO I will be posting Ultimate Team guides, and many more tip guides in the following weeks so check back.

© 2013 John Reid-Roberts


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