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Madden 25 Ultimate Team Strategy guide and tips with what's new, and how to play. MUT

Updated on August 28, 2013

Intro for MUT

In this guide I will teach you guys a lot of the tips for Madden 25's Ultimate Team or ( MUT ) . Included will be what's new, how to build a team, strategies for playing other players, the challenges, how to get coins, and most important how to succeed..

Before going any further, If you enjoy what you read, check out my video below which is going to be on ultimate team, or Madden 25 footage, and feel free to subscribe to my Youtube Channel where I will post the challenges and games I play against other players, and tips and guides for everyone. Along with the packs I open, the players I get and how to really succeed.

Also Check out my other Madden 25 guides which will be in the links at the bottom of the page as this is where you can check out my other work, and see tips on the other aspects of the Madden game.

Whats New

I always start my Madden Ultimate Team guide or ( MUT ) out with a what's new section to discuss some of the new features you will see in game.

First and most importantly is the team chemistry. The team chemistry is a new feature that allows you to build a team around a type of play style, and if done right will significantly help you in game. This allows your players to react better and play better among themselves, and will allow you to have better chances of success down the line. As I have noticed this is going to be crucial to your overall survival BUT I will talk more about that down the line.

New physics engine. The new physics engine in Madden Ultimate team will change the play style of the players within ultimate team. This was a brand new feature last year, and this year was another update with many improvements. To be honest I am disappointed so far with this because of how over powered the running has become. Returning a kick off ( if done right ) will always take you to at east the 40 yard line, if not a touch down. This is kind of crazy, because once you learn the tricks you can essentially do this each time, and it cannot be stopped.
This is also the same for run plays. If you have a decent HB or FB and choose to do run plays, you will essentially be able to get 5-10 yards each play until the defense does a full blitz, or sets up directly for the run.

Seasons!!! The new way to essentially play head to head. You will play seasons, and need to achieve a certain number of wins in order to advance to the next round. This is important for making coins, and for further developing your team. Over the course of time, you will get better and advance, but remember that on day 1, everyone is on the same note so you may start with a losing streak.

Where To Start

Initially when you start Madden Ultimate team on Madden 25 you need to pick a captain.. I suggest Tom Brady (Pats Fan Here) But really pick a player who is going to benefit you in the long run. I choose a QB either way because that will give you the necessary player on offense that will benefit you in game. I would not personally choose a defensive player like ROLB but personally would go with the offensive player...

After you start, you need to remember when building your team around chemistry. I can tell you from personal mistakes that chemistry is extremely important when playing against other players on Madden 25.. I tried both playing with and without good chemistry now, and have found that with a good chemistry on the field you will have a much better chance of success.

I would also suggest buying the season pass if you plan on playing other EA Sports games. I have talked about this in the past, but once again I believe that the season pass is good to have if you plan on playing other EA Sports games with the benefits you will receive on Madden, and in the other games for Ultimate Team. With the season pass you will receive a cheaper price when buying packs, and you will also receive benefits for free weekly packs, and discounts on gold packs, and other updates that will eventually come into the game.

Tips for making coins

When you are playing MUT one of the most important features is making money.. Remember that in the beginning while everyone has the game, this is the best time for you to make your money.. The key tip I can give you for making money is buying packs and selling everything you get on the auction. Now if you buy a bulk pack with real life money, then everything will be all profit and you should be able to make some decent cash. This will be particularly effective about a week after release once players start establishing their accounts, and making their money.

Another important way of making lots of cash on the MUT gameplay is by finishing collections. Not only do you get the benefit by adding cards to collections, but you will also get a larger reward by finishing collections. A few Maddens ago you would receive the best benefits by finishing collections, but none the less you will still get rewarded for completing collections over time.

SOLO CHALLENGES.. Undeniably one of the best ways for you to generate cash, and get some free perks is by completing solo challenges. Solo Challenges allow you to play the game, and reap some benefits by playing offline against the computer.

Tips for Playing Seasons

If you are inexperienced I suggest building a team, and playing solo challenges in the beginning until you learn the full mechanics, and tricks. Once you learn the tricks to Madden 25, then you can start tackling seasons. Remember in the first few days, and weeks the best players will still be on tier 1 and 2, and will probably have no problem beating you. Once these players do make it to higher rounds, then you will be able to have better chances of winning, earning more coins, and having an overall better success of making coins.

When you are in game remember the benefits that you can have when playing. For instance learning to run the ball. As I said above the running system is quite overpowered and this will allow you an easy way of getting significantly further in the game. Running is also a great way to run out the clock considering how the games are only around 3 minutes per game.

Remember to build your chemistry around your play style. If you enjoy throwing the ball and doing pass plays I would personally suggest going with a short pass chemistry setup like myself. If you enjoy running the ball, using a run chemistry would also benefit you..

My Video.. Don't Forget to Subscribe for MORE!

Buying Packs

I would suggest buying packs that will benefit you, and hopefully Madden 25 will bring in Legends packs.. As of now I still suggest buying the pro packs that will help get your team going, but as the weeks go on, buying new packs will help you make money. The better packs you buy, the better your team will be in the long run.


I will have more information for this guide as time goes on, but wanted to add something for now to help you guys get further in the game. Don't forget to check out my videos as I will be posting a lot more videos over time, and subscribing would also be great. Also remember to check back for more updates, and check out the many more Madden 13 guides I will be posting.. Thanks!


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