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Mafia Wars Cheats and Tricks

Updated on April 23, 2012

So What Is Mafia Wars ?

 The basic idea behind Mafia Wars is simple. Start your Mafia family, Run 3 kinds of crime business and eventually try to rule all of New York City. OK, great, so how do you do this? Well one of the biggest flaws in the game is there really is no guide or directions. Your kinda left hanging with this but, most people will pick it up pretty quick.

Your 2 main goals are pretty simple, grow your family and level up. Recruit as many people into your mafia family to gain strength. You want as many people doing jobs for the family as well as a lot of people for fights. The more people you have the better off you are. Recruiting is pretty simple, first invite your friends and after that there are loads of places on Facebook to find new recruits. Remember, to have someone in your mafia family you will have to make them your friend on facebook.

You level up by doing various jobs and winning fights. As you increase in level you will have the opportunity to gain more properties, better weapons and other inventory items as well as earn money.

The game itself is really addictive once you start. You will find yourself signing in just to see if you made any money or if anything new has happened. IT can get crazy but all in all it's a lot of fun. To start playing just do a search for Mafia Wars on Facebook. It is also available for yahoo and MySpace and I am pretty sure the iphone now too.


How To Get All Looted Items And Weapons in Mafia Wars Cheats Revealed

Doing the following jobs will score you the items listed below. Remember that you may not get the item the first time around. You might need to do the job again but you will eventually get the listed items by completing the jobs associated with the items. Enjoy!

Beat Up Rival Gangster (1e) = .22 Pistol (2A 0D)

Collect Protection Money (2e) = Butterfly Knife (2A 1D)

Rough Up Dealers (2e) = Brass Knuckles (2A 2D)

Rob a Pimp (3e) = .9mm Semi-Automatic (3A 2D)

Take Out a Rogue Cop (3e) = .45 Revolver (3A 2D)

Perform a Hit (3e) = Tactical Shotgun (3A 2D)

Destroy Enemy Mon Hideout (5e) = C-4 (5A 2D)

Kill a Protected Snitch (5e) = Stab-Proof Vest (2A 5D)

Bust a Made Man Out of Prison (5e) = Automatic Rifle (4A 4D)

Fight a Haitian Gang (6e) = Semi-Automatic Shotgun (5A 4D)

Smuggle Across The Border (7e) = Armored Truck (4A 8D)

Repel the Yakuza (13e) = Grenade Launcher (14A 10D)

Disrupt rival smuggling ring (15e) = 50 .50 Caliber Rifle (16A 11D)

Invade Tong-controlled Neighborhood (25e) = Armored Car (14A 15D)

Sell Guns To The Russian Mob (25e) = RPG Launcher (20A 12D)

Protect your City against a Rival Family (35e) = Bodyguards (8A 25D)

Assassinate a Political Figure (35e) = Night Vision Goggles (5A 16D)

Exterminate a Rival Family (40e) = Napalm Attack (25A 9D)

Want even more great tips? Learn how to stop losing fights, wasting energy points and grow your mafia faster then you ever dreamed.Also learn the fastest way to gain Godfather points. Read the Top Secret Mafia Wars Guide

This is the ultimate strategy guide to help you build your mafia quickly, earn cash fast and just watch those Godfather points climb.

Mafia Wars Is On Tagged.Com

To be honest I really never heard of Tagged until Mafia Wars. Tagged is another community like Myspace and facebook claiming over 70 million members. Well, with that many people you knew the Mafia was going to have to move in soon right.So now if your a Tagged member you can join in on all the fun that is Mafia Wars. All of the above tips and tricks will work for you and with it being a little newer to tagged then the other networks now is the time to build you mafia and take over on Tagged.

The only thing I have heard,I am not yet a member at Tagged, is that the game can be a bit buggy.This is always the case with a new release and rest assured Zynga will get things running smooth in no time. Mafia Wars did not become the success it is by not keeping things up to par for its gamers.

If your not a member of Tagged now would be a great time to stroll in and start building your mafia.As with everything the sooner you are in the better your position is in the long run and with the tips above you can take over in no time.

Welcome Tagged members to the Mafia ;)

Mafia Wars Cheats What Is Your Biggest Asset

 When you first start playing Mafia Wars it is very tempting to just go for the big money right away. Everyone see's all the big money stats and wants to get their fair share but the truth is, your biggest asset is actually energy packs.As you level up you will want to manage your energy wisely so you can complete your jobs as well as not get killed. If you use and save your energy properly it will become that much easier to make more money and keep it. You need energy for everything so make sure you save as many energy packs as possible.

A great way to have more energy is to choose the maniac class when you start off. You will have more energy to complete missions and win fights. Completing missions will bring you the cash and weapons that you will need to move up in the Mafia Wars World. 

There are some people that may not agree with this strategy but, it has worked VERY well for me. I was able to do more jobs, make money and become stronger very quickly. Once you make some money you just invest it and you will make more money without doing anything at all and you can concentrate on other things.

Godfather Points With Surveys

 One of the hardest things to build up quickly is Godfather points when playing Mafia Wars. You only get one point when you level up and will want to find other ways to build them up quickly. There is also the daily chance lottery but again that is just what it says, a chance.You can buy points from Zynga if you like but there is a free option.

Taking surveys is a great way to build up your Godfather points easily. It can be a little time consuming but the pay off is well worth it. If your going to take the surveys you will want to set up a separate email acount for these surveys. Basically you will find your inbox flooded with emails once you have taken some surveys so keep this all in an email account just for surveys. This will help you keep from cluttering up your regular email account. There are plenty of free email services so just choose one and you will be ready to start building up those Godfather points in no time.

Remember the points are not applied to your account right away but you will see them in your account in a couple of ours to a couple of days. Zynga is very good about making sure you get your points. So if your looking for more Godfather points, go set up a new email address and start taking surveys now!

Maximum $ and Exp Return with Energy Pack

Mafia Trivia PT. 1

In November 2007 Sicilian police reported to have found a
list of "Ten Commandments" in the hideout of mafia boss
Salvatore Lo Piccolo. Similar to the Biblical Ten Commandments,
they are thought to be a guideline on how to be a good,
respectful honorable mafioso. It's funny that the Mafia
would have any kind of morals, but when it comes to family
relationships, it's no secret that those are still considered

The Mafia's Ten Commandments are as follows:

1. No one can present himself directly to another of our
friends. There must be a third person to do it.

2. Never look at the wives of friends.

3. Never be seen with cops.

4. Don't go to pubs and clubs.

5. Always being available for Cosa Nostra is a duty - even
if your wife is about to give birth.

6. Appointments must absolutely be respected.

7. Wives must be treated with respect.

8. When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth.

9. Money cannot be appropriated if it belongs to others or
to other families.

10. People who can't be part of Cosa Nostra: anyone who has
a close relative in the police, anyone with a two-timing
relative in the family, anyone who behaves badly and doesn't
hold to moral values.

Mafia Trivia PT. 2

 The game Mafia Wars is a fun and almost addictive game, it's
by far my favorite game to play online. The idea is violent
conflict between criminal organizations, but what about the
real mafia wars in the 20th century?

The First Mafia War was the first high-profile conflict
between Mafia clans in post-war Italy (the Sicilian Mafia has
a long history of violent rivalries).

In December 1962 some heroin went missing from a shipment to
America. When the Sicilian Mafia Commission could not decide
who was to blame, one of the clans involved - the La Barbera
clan - took matters into its own hands. They murdered a mafioso
from the Greco clan whom they suspected of stealing the heroin,
triggering a war in which many non-mafiosi would be killed in
the crossfire.

In April 1963, several bystanders were wounded during a shootout
in Palermo. In May, Angelo La Barbera survived a murder attempt
in Milan. In June, six military officers and a policeman in
Ciaculli were killed while trying to dispose of a car bomb.

The fact that the conflict spread outside Sicily and claimed
innocent lives provoked national outrage and a crackdown in
which nearly 2,000 arrests were made. Mafia activity fell as
clans disbanded and mafiosi went into hiding. 117 suspects
were put on trial in 1968, but most were acquitted or
received light sentences.

Our online gaming is, of course, not meant to be disrespectful
to people who lost their lives due to organized crime, but
it's impossible to deny that there is something attractive to
the 'mafioso' lifestyle.

What Games Do You Play Other Then Mafia Wars

With Mafia Wars being literally such an addictive game, I started wondering what else do you play. I used to play a lot more games before the real world caught up with me lol. I loved my shooters, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament and some may remember Rune like Unreal with swords. I also enjoyed going through a good RPG when I had time. Never really played the MMORPG's as that was when I started finding less and less game time. I liked some of the older games like Elder scrolls 3 Morrowind, Planescape Torment, Kings Quest series and a few others. I usually went back and forth between just crazy shooter play and the more thinking style needed for an RPG. If I had to choose a favorite from then it would probably be a shooter simply because I could play a quick round any time..

I can also remember how I got started in video game play. I am about to date myself but I owned one of the original pong games and an Atari 2600. I actually still have the Atari in the basement and half of the games still work. I find myself going back to some of the older arcade style game like we used to play, back in the day, at the local video arcade. I like to load up the simple card and puzzle games for a quick play, which can take longer then expected if I really get into it ha ha.

Another game that has caught my interest has been World of Warcraft online. I have always been back and forth about starting to play because of time being limited. I have to admit the ads on TV with Mr. T are funny and with the 10 day Free trial for Warcraft I may have to give it a go. I always like a good RPG so this could be a new adiction for me. I think once I get passed Holiday shopping it may be time to go find me some mohawk grenades.

Also please make your vote in our poll, lets see what everyone likes to play other them Mafia Wars.

What other types of Video Games Do You Play

See results


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