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Mafia Wars Cuba Cheats and Tricks

Updated on July 15, 2011

Mafia Wars Cuba

Mafia Wars Cuba A Whole New World

So by now almost everyone knows about Mafia Wars. It is arguably the most played game on all social networks. So just like the mafia, it is time for Mafia Wars to expand its horizons. Enter Mafia Wars Cuba, the expansion from Zynga. Mafia Wars Cuba was introduced in June 2009 for beta and is fast becoming as big a hit if not bigger then the original.

The first thing you need to know about Mafia Wars Cuba is that in order to play the ad-on you must be a level 35 or higher. If you are not a level 35(Consigliere) the Godather will not allow you to travel which means Cuba is out of the question.

Your New York money is also no good in Cuba. Mafia Wars Cuba uses pesos instead of dollars so you need to start making money right away. You will also need to find items in Cuba to do jobs in Cuba. In a way it's like starting all over again.

Businesses are different as well. In New York you bought property which would earn a certain amount of income every hour. In Cuba you can choose from 6 businesses that actually produce some sort of material ever 3 hours that you can sell.

The 6 Businesses are


Tobacco Plantation

Sugar Plantation

Bribery Ring


Coca Field

With these new changes added Mafia Wars Cuba definitely breaths new life in to the Mafia Wars franchise. The expansion will make the game more interesting for all to play and it's good to see Zynga is working to keep Mafia Wars alive and growing for it's huge fan base.

Mafia Wars Cuba Loot List, All The Good Stuff

AS of now there are 47 items in Mafia Wars Cuba. Some can be bought, some you get for job mastery. There are 5 levels or tiers of job mastery.

1st level El Soldado

2nd level El Capitan

3rd level El Jefe

4th level El Patron

5th level El Padrino

For each level there is a specific item reward. The item will be noted in the list below.

Here is a complete list of what you can get.

Items you can get from doing jobs


Garza 9 25 attack 10 defense

RA-92 29 attack 11 defense

M16A1 30 attack 12 defense

RU-38 Pistol 20 attack 24 defense

Cane Knife 18 attack 25 defense

Para 322 34 attack 14 defense

Gaff Hook 20 attack 30 defense

Avispa Machine Gun54 attack 24 defense (El Jefe Reward)

ASC45 (Conquistador) 36 attack 18 defense

Aguila HV .50 Sniper Rifle 40 attack 16 defense

TNT 42 attack 20 defense


Street Gang Member 20 attack 14 defense

Camouflage Body Armor 18 attack 28 defense

Guerrilla Commando38 attack 35 defense (El Capitan Reward)

Che's Beret 46 attack 34 defense (El Patron Reward)

Guerrilla Squad 34 attack 30 defense

Sweet Rides (Vehicles)

Mara Serpiente 24 attack 18 defense

El Ray Roadster40 attack 34 defense (El Soldado Reward)

Chucho FAV 25 attack 20 defense

Ocelot Armored Truck 18 attack 28 defense

Montaine 320 27 attack 23 defense

Cigarette Boat 25 attack 27 defense

Mini Sub 39 attack 25 defense

Si-14 Cargo Plane 31 attack 31 defense

HU-9 Helicopter 36 attack 27 defense

Armored State Car 30 attack 38 defense

Cocodrilo APC42 attack 56 defense (El Padrino Reward)

The 5 best items come from jobs completed after at certain job mastery levels(tiers). Those 5 items are:

TNT-Best offensive weapon. Complete Raid the Arms Depot job in the El Padrino tier.

Gaft Hook-Best defensive weapon. Complete Pillage a Shipyard in the El Jefe tier.

Guerrilla Squad-Best armor(offensive and defensive) Complete Supply the FRG with some Extra Muscle job in the El Padrino tier.

HU-9 Helicopter-Best offensive vehicle. Complete Attack the Army Command Post job in the El Padrino tier.

Armored State Car-Best defensive vehicle. Complete Storm the Presidential Palace job in El Padrino tier.

If your looking to get through the levels fast or maybe need some help check out Mafia Wars Cuba Cheats . This is the most updated guide around.When something changes you get the updates right away and free. It's helped me breeze through some tough spots and build a huge mafia

Mafia Wars Cuba DR Trick

Mafia Wars Cuba Loot Opening a Crate

What Is Your Favorite Mafia Wars Location

Do you Like Mafia Wars Cuba Or New York Better? Whats Your Favorite Location?

See results

Mafia Wars Cuba Money Trick, This One Is Hit Or Miss


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      if ure lvl 35 or higher than only u can travel ta cuba.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      how do i pass cuba?? I've finnished all jobs in New York and all jobs in Cuba.. Why can i travel anywhere else? is this te end of the game?? tks in advance for any help =)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Nice facts on mafiawars.


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