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Mage Gauntlet WalkThrough 01

Updated on November 10, 2011

Recently I have finished all the games downloaded in my Iphone, and I just wondering around in the app store, and this game, Mage gauntlet, an old school RPG game jumped into my eye, and I purchased it immediately, and here are the walkthrough of this game.

Whitebeard's Tower

The fisrt stage is the WhiteBeard's Tower, since it is the first stage, there has no stong monsters, just go to the end of the right side, and go into the tower.

Our task inside the Tower is to find the Wizard, and the Wizard asked us to do him a favor and vanished immediately, and now we need to find him again, just go through the road. After we find the Wizard, he allows us to learn the magic with him for some period. Then we can get our first Steel Sword weapon, and learn how to fight the monsters and use the spells.

And now we finished the first stage which is rather a tutor than a real stage of the Whitebeard's Tower.

The Gardens

Now we can go further to the next stage, the garden. In this stage the monsters will attack us and we need be careful since we only have 3 heart of HP which can only stand 6 attacks. At the end of the stage, there is the boss standing on a large carrot, we can only use spells to attack him, and he will summon small monsters constantly, we can also get the spell by killing the small monsters.

Ruin Crossing

The next stage is Ruin Crossing, there has no boss in this stage and the skeletons are bigger than the former ones, just be careful and this is a quite easy stage.

Orc Forest

All the monsters are orcs in this stage and their speed is quite fast, be careful not let them get close to us. Some of the orcs can use axles to attack us with multiple times. And other ninja orcs will rush to us and punch us directly. The most difficult monster is an orc with the yellow armor, we need to attack him a lot of times in order to kill him. At the end of the stage, the Orc Boss will lead 2 small monsters to attack us, be aware of the boss's attack and always kill the shinning small monster to get the spell to attack boss.

The Boarlands

Now we enter the stage of the boarlands, it is a large desert, and the first monsters we meet is the pigs, they can jump to attack us, so just kill them before they jump. There are also a huge pig which need us attack for several times to kill. Be aware of the Red fire pig, it can send 8 fire balls from his body, just attack him between two fire balls. In the end the boss is in a huge machine pig, which can shoot fire balls to us and summon four small pigs to attack us. Just the same, the shinning pig is the one can drop the spell, and use the spell to attack the boss.


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