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Mage Gauntlet WalkThrough 02

Updated on November 10, 2011

Slime Cave

New stage with new enemies, this time we are facing the Slime, some will directly attack us and some will explosive themselves to attack us. The large Red Slime has a lot of HP and will chase us, so just keep distance with him when he is flashing. The purple Slime will keep producing the other kinds of slimes, we need to kill it first, fortunately it has little HP.

The Boss in this stage is the Prince of the Slime, it will summon all kinds of the slimes and will chase after us to attack us. Like the other boss, there always will be one slime shinning which will drop the spell.

Tetramont's Estate

The new enemy will jump to attack us, it will start to jump from a quite long distance, just be ready for that. The Blue enemy has a lot of HP and it can also attack us in distance, The red robot can shoot fire ball towards us, it will shoot constantly, so do not let him have the time to aim us. The blue robot with no head will shoot out the ice balls randomly twice, so be aware of it. When we go further, there will be some giant statues rushing into us, it cannot stop until it hits the wall, so let him hit the wall twice and we can gain the EXP easily.

At the end of the stage, the boss Golem King is blocking our way. The King is so huge that we have only a small plate to stay, the king will shoous from his head and two hands, and also will use his hand to attack us. Every turn there will be two small monsters appear in the both end of the plate, the shinning one will drop the spell, just kill them fast and use the spell to kill the Boss.

The UnderGarden

Now we have finished the first large map, and go on to the second map, the undergarden, a world totally underground. The first enemy welcomes us is some dark cat, their attack method is also jumping towards us like the former mummy but with more HP, and they sometimes will use the thunder chain to attack us, just keep moving when they begin to sing. The yellow cat can move very fast, when the two cats are together it is hard to deal with. The large purple cat can attack us fast after he's shinning, so we just hit him once and ran away immediately, wait until he finished his attack and we do all the same again.

The Boss Drudgor the Immortal is quite tough, he will summon several cats and use the thunder chain to attack us together, we should always notice all the enemies' position, and try not to be hit by the thunder. Like the other bosses, one cat will shin and drop the spell we can use to attack the boss.

The Crypt

Now we have passed the second map and reached the third map. There are three stages we can choose, and I select the Crypt to go. The Crypt is a stage inside the house,there are full of skeletons which will throw their own bones towards us, we can defeat them quite easily since they have limited HP. In this stage, some places hide a lot of zombies, although they have no special attack skill, but the amount is quite annoying. There is also a fat zombie who will explore poinson balls all around when he dies. Another zombie have a sword which can chase us and attack multiple times with great damage. Be aware of some black vampire/zombie, he will keep summonning the zombies all around us, I did not realze him at the first time, and there were amountless zombies surrounding me, sigh!

It took me almost 15 minutes on the Boss of Vataneba, she will just stand in the middle of the map, and shoot ice balls towards us, she has three attack methods, first one is a row of ice balls, second one is some ice arrow which will slowly change their direction through the right circle, the last one is the most dangerous way, when she shins we should be aware of the ice balls, she will shoot four ice balls in a row, and is bigger and faster one by one. Also she will summon like 8 monsters to attack us, we need to kill them all in a certain period otherwise the Vataneba will show again.

Ashen Cult

This stage is inside a volcano, and we are facing a demon. Enemies here can shoot fire balls to us, and small demons will rush to attack us.Some enemies can summon a fire circle under our feet, we should leave ASAP in order not to be hurt by it. The large fire demon will chase behind us and shoot fire balls towards us, so judge which way he will attack us and choose to leave away him are circle him. The blue demon will summon 2 circles together under our feet and shoot ice ball to us, just keep moving when attack him.

The Boss Uamuleth is a huge demon in the lava, it will not move but will shoot us fire balls and fire beams, we should pay extra attention to the fire beam, since it will deal great damage to us, we need to run flat to avoid the beam. The small monsters will show in both end of the plate, use the spell they drop to kill the boss, we can also take the chance to hit him by the weapon.

Temple of Blorpx

Now we are going to the Temple of Blorpx, and the enemies are the slimes again!! The human shape slime will explosive after we attack him and leave a smaller slime to keep attacking us. The floating round slime will shoot ice ball, avoid that and kill them with one attack. The slime with a lot of bubbles will attack us with one or multiple poison balls, just use the strategy hit and run to take care of it.

The Boss Blorpx is a giant slime, it will shoot us with poison balls and the poison beam, the beam is quite hard to doge, just keep moving and catch the time to accelerate ourselves to doge the beam. Kill the small monsters to get the spell.

Homuculus Bunker

We are closer to the tower, things are going weird, there is no enemies in the first floor. There is a robot in the second floor, it will shoot ice ball the use a sword to attack us, its sword can also defend our attack, so take the chance to attack him. The second floor is quite short, we can easily get onto the third floor. There are some invisible enemies in the third floor, so search carefully, because their shadow can be seen hardly. The dark Wizard can explosive multiple ice balls towards us, just use the lag between two shoots to kill him. It is a hard way to the end of the stage, I lost almost one heart with every fight. Luckily there is no boss in this stage.


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      Paws 6 years ago

      Have you gotten to the last boss yet?