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Magnetic Chess Sets

Updated on June 2, 2011

Magnetic Chess Sets

Magnetic Chess Sets are excellent to play chess on, especially if you are looking for a travel chess set and a magnetic chess set is great for taking away on holiday so you can play some chess while away. Getting a magnetic chess set is especially good for those who always want to playing a game of chess as you can now play chess where ever you are, in a car, on the plane, sitting on the beach, in a hotel and even on top of Mount Everest!

Magnetic Chess

Best Magnetic Chess Sets

Below are some of the very best magnetic chess sets available to buy and I will be telling you why they are the best and also showing you the very latest best prices for these magnetic chess sets.  So without further waffling or talking on and on and on and on I present you the best magnetic chess sets!

Magnetic Chess Set
Magnetic Chess Set | Source
The chess pieces
The chess pieces | Source


This is simply the best magnetic chess set as it does everything you could expect it to do and so much more and you could not hope for a better magnetic chess set.

This magnetic chess set has received 25 5* ratings on Amazon and 10 4* out of 44 ratings which pretty much sums up why this chess set is so good.

However if you need even more to convince you to buy this chess set then:

  • This chess set can be used anywhere
  • When you close the lid all the pieces stay in place so you can continue
  • Made properly 
  • Looks good
  • The best magnetic chess set
  • Magnetic and it works properly
  • 90 day warranty
  • 25 5* reviews rated 4* on Amazon

Cheaper 3 in 1 Magnetic Chess Set

If you want something a bit cheaper and don't mind getting something a bit more tacky, this magnetic chess set actually lets you play 3 games:

  • chess
  • checkers
  • backgammon
Saving you even more space.  However you must realise that the quality of the chess set is nowhere near the quality of other dedicated magnetic chess sets especially the Drueke chess set above!

Travel Magnetic Walnut Chess Set

This walnut magnetic chess set is of a higher quality than some other magnetic chess sets and does like very good too.

The chess pieces are of a better quality as well is the chess board and you get a much better package overall at an affordable choice.


Buy Magnetic Chess Sets

I hope you liked this hub about magnetic chess sets and purchase a good high quality magnetic chess set.  If you did find this article useful you can:

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