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New Lord Of The Rings Lego Sets - Lego LOTR Release Dates, Previews

Updated on August 22, 2012

Today we are going to give you an advanced preview of the Lords Of The Rings Lego sets. We talk about release dates, look at the new sets available and tell you where you can buy these online. For all the information you need about LOTR Lego you are in the right place. These new Lord Of The Rings Lego sets are hotly anticipated and so we will try to whet your appetite for their forthcoming release.

In December 2011 Lego announced they had struck a deal with Warner Brothers to bring us Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit Lego. This was a really exciting development as their have been rumours of LOTR Lego for over ten years. Now finally fans of the films are going to see their favourite characters in Lego format.

The LOTR Minifigures

Shelob Attacks LOTR Set

New LOTR Lego Sets For 2012

Lego have announced that with the initial wave of Lord Of The Rings toys there are going to be seven new sets released. These sets have now had their release date, the sets came out mid may, earlier than expected as we were initially told they would released in June. Later in the year we are also going to see Hobbit Lego and this will no doubt coincide with the release of the first Hobbit film, An Unexpected Journey. So let’s take a look at the sets that we are going to see.

Gandalf Arrives - The first set to on the list in going to be this one, ‘Gandalf Arrives’. This is the smallest of the sets and has the item number 9469. It will feature the opening scene of the trilogy where Gandalf arrives with his horse and cart in the shire. The set will include two minifigures, these being Gandalf and Frodo and it will contain 83 pieces. The set is going to be priced at around $12.

Shelob Attacks - Next up we move right into the third movie. Shelob attacks features a large spider that you make yourself. We have seen advanced pictures of this set and it does look very nice. As you can see from the picture, Shelob is the main build in this one you get a total of 227 pieces included. This one has the item number 9470 and is expected to retail at around $20. This one has the minifigures Frodo, Sam and Gollum, so if you are collecting minifigures this set is a very good one to get, cheap with three very important minifigs.

Uruk-Hai Army - The Uruk-Hai army set is another one of similar size to Shelob. This will also retail at $30 and have the minifigures Eomer, Rohirrim Soldier and four fighting Uruk-Hai warriors. This has the item number 9471 and will feature 257 pieces. This one is being called by many a 'battle set' due to the fact that it has quite a few minifigs. An nice piece of info about this one is that you can join the wall in the set to the Helms Deep set, so the two sets go together well to create a larger build.

Attack On Weather Top - A real stand out scene from The Fellowship Of The Ring. This set has item the item number 9472 and will have the minifigures Aragron, Frodo, Merry and two Nazgul. Again this is expected to be a medium sized which will have 430 pieces and probably retail at around $60. The build really consists of a column with winding stairs which signifies the top of Weather Top.

Aragorn Lego Figure

The Helms Deep Lego Set

Larger Lord Of The Rings Lego Sets

The Mines Of Moria - No doubt one of the most impressive scenes in the trilogy is the Mines Of Moria and so it’s no surprise that Lego are turning this into a set. With this one we see Balin’s tomb and the battle that took place there. This has the item number 9473 and will retail at somewhere around the $80 mark. So as you can see this is a much larger set containing 776 pieces. This one has the minifigures, Pippin, Gimli, Boromir, Legolas, Cave Troll, two goblins and two skeletons. The Cave Troll looks like a really nice figure and as you would expect it is quite a bit larger than the others. The set consists of a large wooden door which Legolas and Boromir barricade to stop the goblins getting into the room, Balin's Tomb and also a well with a bucket which of course in the film Pippin knocks down into the darkness.

The Battle Of Helms Deep - This is a stand out scene from The Two Towers and looks like being a really impressive set. This has the item number 9474 and will cost around $130. This set features a huge 1368 pieces and if you add the wall from the Uruk-Hai army it is even bigger. With this one you get the minifigures Gimil, Aragorn, Theoden, Haldir and five Uruk-Hai. This is one of the classic battle scenes from LOTR so it really translates very well into Lego format. The largest of the new sets and also the most expensive by quite a distance, but widely seen to be the best of the new releases, the main build is a large section of wall from Helms Deep.

The Orc Forge - This is the final set to be released from the series and will have the item number 9476. This one is another medium sized set with 366 pieces that will feature five Orcs. No other minifigures so a little bit of a disappointment in that regard. This one will be priced at $40 and may be the one that does not quite sell as well as the others.

The Cave Troll Minifigure

More LOTR Sets & Hobbit Lego

As you can see there are some really interesting new LOTR Lego sets that are going to be released. These have to be some of the most hotly anticipated Lego sets that have ever come out so no doubt they are going to be snapped up in no time. When the sets are released in June they will be found in many different places but usually Amazon is the best place to buy them for a decent price.

As mentioned earlier we are also going to be seeing some Hobbit Lego sets. Currently there is no fresh news on that, we do know there will be a Hobbit game coming out some time but don't really have any details on it. There are lots of rumours surrounding Hobbit sets and people are saying we may well get sets based on The Shire, The Trolls, The Lonely Mountain and Mirkwood. Looking forward to new sets for 2013 we are expecting a second line of LOTR sets and also a second wave of Hobbit sets to coincide with the release of the second film. The coming year will be very exciting for fans of Lego and of course for fans of Tolkien.

For now though all we can do is sit and wait for this exciting new release. With more Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit Lego expected for later in the year, chances are Lego are really going to sell some serious bricks! The details on this page may still be subject to change and as time progresses and more details come out we will update the information and give you confirmation of everything you need to know about LOTR Lego.


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    • profile image

      Ashley 5 years ago

      I have been a fan of the movies since I was 4 years old and have been waiting forever for lego to make LOTR sets! They are well overdue.

    • profile image

      Ashley 5 years ago

      Does anyone know the exact date that the sets will be released in June?

    • profile image

      Hamish 5 years ago

      I for one will be crawling out of my skin waiting for these sets. I hope to be waiting outside the store before it opens on the release date so as to get my hands on Helm's Deep. I'll probably need to do some extra chores for the money, but it'll be worth it! Lego The Lord of the Rings will be the best Lego theme ever!

    • profile image

      waiting 5 years ago

      will be waiting patiently (not)

    • profile image

      Lotr Lover 6 years ago

      I Cannot Wait!!!

    • profile image

      The Sweet Guy 6 years ago


    • profile image

      The Nice Guy 6 years ago