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Luminous vs Kaiser Comparison - Maplestory

Updated on June 19, 2013

Since getting my new computer I have been playing both kaiser and luminous to see which is more fun, which levels faster, which has cooler attacks, etc. They are both great classes, but for different reasons. Reasons I like Luminous:

Levels fast

Easy training

High Damage

Lots of Skills to choose from

I started playing my level 30 luminous at 9 this morning and by 11 this morning I was already level 60. They are incredibly easy to level, as this was done with no funding, only weapons given to me. If you are looking for a class that you can do high damage on, but you are poor, this would definitely be the class to pick. They have an attack that can hit mobs on multiple platforms every job, making it even easier to train. I recommend doing the quests available lvl 10-30, scarecrows using pressure void Lvl 30-50, then move to jesters and use the same strategy until 60. Once you do the job advancement, just use Spectral Light to train. Right now at lvl 62, no funding and lvl 1 spectral light, I hit 7k x4 and 3.5k x4 on each mob, and it hits up to 8 mobs. This class is definitely overpowered to say the least, but that is awesome for anyone looking for a class to get to high levels quickly.

Now I will move to the kaiser class and some things I like about it:

Flashy Skills

Decent Damage

Cool Attacking Style

While Kaiser may not level as fast as Luminous, I would say they are more fun to play. Their skills look amazing and the main skill I used for attacking did not require MP, meaning less pot refills. Unfortunately the class does not train as quickly in earlier levels as luminous, and most people will use the same skill as their main attack (Dragon Slash) until fourth job. It took me probably 6 hours to level 30-60 yesterday, which is still not bad, but nowhere near close to Luminous. None of the second or third job attacks hit multiple platforms, which slows training a lot. They do have fairly good mobility however, with a rush attack (Piercing Blaze) and a skill like flash jump (Air Lift). I would still highly recommend this class to anyone with some time on their hands and a little bit of funding.

Summary: Luminous has diverse skills with very fast leveling, while Kaiser levels slower but is faster pace and more fun to play.

Luminous 2nd Job Skills

Kaiser 2nd Job Skills


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    • profile image

      ILuvZero 3 years ago

      I personally think that luminous hyper skill sucks while kaiser hyper skill is a lot bettter so i am gonna train kaiser and it is much more cooler