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Mario Kart On Wii

Updated on August 27, 2014

Mario Kart Nintendo Wii With Wheel From Amazon

Mario Kart On The Nintendo Wii

Mario kart on the nintendo wii is strangely addictive, but it's just like the original going way back on the super nintendo and the nintendo 64, choosing your characters to race is just as fun, of course the classic characters are all there to choose from still but now you can play as a custom character and put yourself in the game with the mii.

Play with the integrated wii wheel with your wii remote and away you go or use the classic controls if that's what you're used to, the steering wheel actually feels like you are controlling Mario and the other mushroom kingdom characters and actually affecting the movement of each players, also with new tracks and the option of playing on the classic race tracks of previous versions of the popular mario kart game.

Perhaps the best option of playing this game is if you have a few friends you can play tournament style races with up to 12 people via the wi-fi connection on your nintendo Wii, I like this option a lot as this is home entertainment at it's best with mario kart being a fun night in at the races that you race in, by pluggin into the mario channel you can be racing with up to 12 people from around the world, just like many online gaming platforms.

As I like the fact that in many game you can access hidden or secret areas of the game and secret characters too , there are 6 secret characters in the mario kart game to find.

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