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Mario Kart DS

Updated on March 30, 2011

Mario Kart DS Review

This is not the best Mario Kart game, but it still is worth playing if you like racing games. The basics of the game are very similar to the Game Boy Advance version of the game, as it very minimally utilizes the touch screen capabilities of the DS system. It does use the second screen as a way of giving you a view from above of the track up ahead, so you can see obstacles such as banana peels sooner, and view behind you, so you can see shells being shot at you and try to avoid them. Overall I like the game, but it just is not much different than the GBA game. I expected it to utilize the touch screen more. It also feels like you are not going very fast in the game, although none of your oppnents appear to be going any faster. It just feels very slow moving and more like you are driving on a regular road and not a race track.

Mario Kart DS Screenshot


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