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Marvel Avengers Alliance: PVP Season 5 Tournament is Here

Updated on February 17, 2013

New Avengers Artwork


Screenshot of Player vs. Player Lobby

Player vs. Player Season 5 Tournament
Player vs. Player Season 5 Tournament

New Addition: Daily PVP Bonus

Daily PVP bonus in Season 5
Daily PVP bonus in Season 5
Stark Industries Catalyst
Stark Industries Catalyst

PVP Tournament Season #5

PVP Tournament #5 is finally here in Marvel Avengers Alliance. A new feature is now available. A second reward trunk (see screenshot above) is now seen in your PVP lobby. If you win 5 PVP battles in a day, you can open the trunk and win a daily reward. On day 1, I won the Stark Industries Catalyst. I am testing it out in PVP to see how well it fares. So far, it has been successful enough to keep it part of my regular weapons used in PVP, plus it gives me an extra move afterward. Downside: It takes 1 extra turn as a cool down.

On day 2, I won the PVP bonus Heart Shaped Herb to add to my PVP armory.

It adds +747 to attack, and +1245 to defense. I'll take it!

The HYDRA Badge - which can also be won in daily PVP reward - is just the opposite. It gives you +1245 to attack and +747 to defense.

I won't turn this down, either!

First PVP Encounter with Psylocke

Psylocke (bottom right)
Psylocke (bottom right)

Psylocke Fought in PVP Season 5

My first PVP encounter with Psylocke (can be seen above). I was defeated. First impression: Psylocke is pretty deadly.

PVP Observations & Strategy

In preparation for this Tournament, I have made some upgrades. All of my team (used to fight) are level 12 in this Tournament. In earlier Tournaments, my team was Future Foundation Spiderman and Invisable Woman. They were level 12, but they were both Infiltrators. That didn't work out so well for me, since other players started using more Scrappers, which have an edge over Infiltrators. So I changed my PVP fight team.

I also upgraded my uniform from a 5-slot to an 8-slot. Big difference! More Iso-8 means increase in stats. I also level'd all of my Tacticians to level 12, which seriously increased my Health Points (HP).

I have noticed that most people I fight have an average of 4,500 HP for all of their team. If they have 5,000 HP, they are doing good, and above that, they are doing excellent. My current fighting squad are all above 6,000 HP.

New Wolverine Costume Available

New Wolverine Costume available
New Wolverine Costume available

Wolverine Just Got Deadlier

Another development that took place at the start of PVP Season #5 is that Wolverine just got deadlier. This new costume release gives Wolvie a new buff called "The Best There Is," basically giving him a chance to take an extra turn in battle -- as if Wolverine wasn't already tough enough!

No In-Game Friends?

You can never have too many in-game friends with Marvel Avengers Alliance. Just comment below with your facebook link and I'll add you. Avengers Assemble!


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