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Marvel Avengers Alliance: Get Havoc in Spec Ops 6

Updated on June 19, 2013

Havoc in X-men: First Class


Spec Ops 6 Arrives

As Marvel Avengers Alliance nears the end of PVP Tournament 4, Spec Ops 6 arrives.

The significance of Spec Ops coming during PVP Tournaments is that new weapons are awarded as milestones are reached.

The weapons are listed below, but the ultimate prize is Havoc.

Havoc Biography

As a child, Alex Summers was separated from his family and unknowingly raised as Mr. Sinister's pawn to take advantage of Alex's mutant powers. Havok struggled for years to control his ability to absorb cosmic radiation and turn it into powerful plasma blasts. His immense power, combined with his stand-offish attitude have often put Alex at odds with his brother and the rest of the X-men.

-As seen in Marvel Avengers Alliance

Havoc in Marvel Avengers Alliance

Spec Ops 6 Milestone Rewards

Spec Ops 6 Task List
Spec Ops 6 Task List
Milestone Reward 1: Blueprint for Pyramidion
Milestone Reward 1: Blueprint for Pyramidion
Milestone Reward 2: Achinaces
Milestone Reward 2: Achinaces
Milestone Reward 3: Radion Pistol
Milestone Reward 3: Radion Pistol
Milestone Reward 4: Scythe of Ptah
Milestone Reward 4: Scythe of Ptah

Playing as Havok

You get to play as Havoc in the first Mission of Spec Ops 6. He is a Blaster and absorbs energy from enemy attacks if you Channel Energy. Because of this, he is constantly charging his stamina, regardless of his health status.

At a initial attack rating of 528, Havok is one deadly mutant. If you have him on your team, you can deal some serious damage.

Strategic thinking gives Havok the motivation to protect other players from single-target attacks. This won't protect the whole team from an area attack.

He is fun to play as because he is not a weak character, and he provides a bonus to other teammates that use energy, including his brother, Cyclops.

I am not looking forward to fighting against him in future PVP battles.

Havoc Has Four Moves

Havoc's four moves are:

  • Shattering Punch
  • Plasma Wave
  • Channel Energy
  • Plasma Spheres

The Channel Energy move allows the player to play again, after absorbing cosmic energy. Watch out, this character is about to blast you sky high!

Spec Ops Have Rewards

Like all Spec Ops Special Missions, they have a Milestone ticker that shows you the next reward you are working for.

These rewards give players incentives to keep pushing ahead toward new weapons and technology.

Blueprint: Pyramidion

The Blueprint for the Pyramidion was a big let down. I thought it was going to be a weapon that my agent could use in PVP. Instead, it was only an item. Since items are useless and unusable in PVP, I was disappointed.

To offset this disappointment, let me add that there are even more weapons to be won just by defeating the boss of each Mission in Spec Ops 6. I won Touch of Madripoor by defeating Dragoness.

I am next working toward the Achinaces sword in the progress bar. I am glad this is an upgrade-able weapon, and I look forward to the upgrade-able version of it.

Then comes the Radian Pistol, and finally, the Scythe of Ptah before reaching Havoc.

All of these weapons can be seen to your right.

Other New Changes

Two other new changes came as Spec Ops 6 rolled in.

Magnetic lock boxes are a new thing. If you save up 10 of them, you are guaranteed to get a comic book cover. If you want to open them one at a time, you only have a 7% chance of getting a comic book cover. Collect all 8 unique covers, and you get Magneto. Yes, I said Magneto.

Also, the ability to reforge weapons is here. Weapons have a tiny arrow in the corner if you can reforge them for a power boost, increasing the attack rating.

So far, the magic number is 48 gold bars to reforge one weapon. Good luck, since saving gold bars is tough when all sorts of cool new things are thrown at us to buy with gold bars.

Until next time, Avengers Assemble!

Got Friends in Marvel Avengers Alliance?

My friend list
My friend list

Friends Don't Let Friends Play Alone

If you don't have any in-game friends, feel free to comment below, and I will add you as a friend. Friends give you a PVP bonus, and you can get energy recharges and silver if you secure their area daily.


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    • profile image

      Godwin 5 years ago

    • profile image

      A,G 5 years ago

      add me, lvl 80 daily player ;)

    • BigFNj profile image

      BigFNj 5 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      I could definitely use some more allies, if you're interested add me, well ally up, then we can remove each other as facebook friends! (the ally stays).

      Just send a msg w/ the request that its for Marvel... cheers!

    • zeke2100 profile image

      zeke2100 5 years ago

      I've got 123 Command Points, and working toward Magneto too.

    • heatblast92 profile image

      heatblast92 5 years ago from Malaysia

      Yes, and Magneto too. 3 comic book covers short currently. :)

      Unfortunately, I wasted all my CPs on Tigra, who is, by popular opinion anyway, essential to the completion of the Spec Ops task list, so Psylocke will have to wait, even though I'd much rather have her on my team.

    • zeke2100 profile image

      zeke2100 5 years ago

      Are you working for him in Spec Ops 6? By the way, Psylocke will be up for sale here in a few days if you don't have her already.

    • heatblast92 profile image

      heatblast92 5 years ago from Malaysia

      Most of Havok's powers consume a lot of stamina, which probably shouldn't present much of a problem, considering his ability to regain a small amount back. He's certainly one I'd hate to have on the opposite side in PvPs; while not necessarily damaging (at least, after his Cosmic Energy buff's run its course), all his offensive can be quite debilitating with their debuffs.

    • zeke2100 profile image

      zeke2100 5 years ago

      Koss, do you play Marvel Avengers Alliance on Facebook?

    • Koss profile image

      J Mason 5 years ago from Mesa, AZ

      Havok is one of my favorite characters in X-men.