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Marvel Avengers Alliance: PVP Tournament Season 2 Begins

Updated on January 15, 2013

Marvel Avengers Alliance Season 2

Marvel Avengers Alliance Season 2
Marvel Avengers Alliance Season 2

Season 2

Season 2
Season 2

Season 2 Has Begun!

Marvel Avengers Alliance has launched Season 2 as of 11/12/12.

If you have not already read my previous Hub, I recommend you do so now. It can be read here.

In my previous Hub on Marvel Avengers Alliance, I analyze the PVP Season 1 Tournament. I share what worked for me, and I even reveal my secret weapon, which has proved to be quite successful so far during Day 1 of Season 2.

Season 2 rewards are:

  1. 100k silver for participating
  2. 10 gold bars for 10 ranked attacks; maintain your standing in Top 35%
  3. Nanite Inductive Railgun for 30 ranked attacks; maintain standing in Top 15%
  4. Blueprint: Scrapper's Power Armor (bonus: 25% change attack will ignore defense) for 60 ranked attacks; maintain standing in Top 3%
  5. New Character: Cable (X-men)

In the next section I will share with you my Day 1 log of Season 2 PVP Tournament.

PVP Season 2 Rewards

PVP Season 2 Rewards
PVP Season 2 Rewards

My First Battle With Ghost Rider

Team combination with Ghost Rider. Got the win!
Team combination with Ghost Rider. Got the win!

Day 1 Log of Season 2

On Day 1 of Season 2, I started at a PVP rating of 800, like everyone else.

I won the first 13 battles I initiated, and didn't meet my first loss until battle #14.

Here are some running notes through my first 11:

  • In 8 battles that I initiated, I have won all 8, and moved my player rating to 8.4%
  • In 9 battles...I made it to the top 6.5% at a rating of 919.
  • In 10 battles...I was promoted to Gold League, and ranked in the Top 5.1%
  • In 11 battles...I was in the Top 3.8%, and faced Ghost Rider for the first time in PVP. I took out the Agent first (he was a Tactician), then Ghost Rider 2nd, and Emma Frost last.

However, while I was logged out, I lost -34 points in rating,which means that I did lose battles passively when the AI plays out a battle on my behalf.

Can Hercules Single-Handedly Beat Me?

Battling the Mighty Hercules
Battling the Mighty Hercules

Hercules is Tough, but...

No man wants to single-handedly fight Hercules, but three-on-one?

I took the Mythological Man of strength down, and in the process, I chipped his tooth.

Apparently, he likes it rough, but was no match for my entire team.

Hercules is Going Down

Three on one works in my favor.
Three on one works in my favor.


The Agent that beat me
The Agent that beat me

A Deadly PVP Combination

Agent, Emma Frost, and Magik
Agent, Emma Frost, and Magik

My First Loss of the Day

My first loss of the day (of initiated battles) happened on battle #14 (see screenshot).

The agent had a long sword, there was Emma Frost, and Magik. Agent Lopez seemed to get a whole round of attacks in, stunning my agent with Emma Frost, and dealing a lot of damage to my team. I was hit hard before getting a chance to move.

I think that I had a pretty good run with my new weapon combination, and am very satisfied with the results so far.

At this point, there is no reason to change anything in my weapon configuration.

However, if I feel that I need a boost, I have 58 Command points I can still cash out. I was saving up for Wolverine at 90, but if I have to, I will cash in for Quicksilver.

Season 2 Prediction

I feel pretty confident that with my new secret weapon, the Doombringer, I can at least get the new Scrapper uniform. That would mean that I would have to keep a standing of at least 3%.

Cable is even harder to get than Deadpool. You have to be in the Top .5% - which is pretty good. I don't believe I am there just yet. It will come with time. Until then...Avengers Assemble!

© 2012 zeke2100


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    • profile image

      Tigerclaw 5 years ago

      please add me, need ingame friends :)

    • heatblast92 profile image

      heatblast92 5 years ago from Malaysia

      Quicksilver's best used in a fight with at least one Infiltrator on the opposite side. He follows up every single-target attack on an Infiltrator with Tag Team, which inflicts Combo Setup on all opponents. He actually deals a lot of damage this way; and considering the fact he counters all attacks with Tag Team as well, though for only a limited number of times while the Quickness he stacks up with his primary attack still holds, all the more so. The only downside is that Quicksilver terribly lacks in Attack, so I just focused on boosting it up with ISO-8s.

      I'm at level 130+, and completely overwhelmed by the players around this level in terms of PvP. So yeah, I'm not terribly confident about getting Cable in this season's tournament. Thinking about modifying my arsenal as well, which at the moment consists of Faulteater, Phoenix Pinion, Offensive Accelerator and an M1911 Patriot. Maybe a Doombringer will do me a bit of good too :)