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Marvel Avengers Alliance: PVP Strategy Against The Three Deadly Divas

Updated on July 10, 2013

Emma Frost and the Scarlet Witch

New York Comic Con
New York Comic Con | Source

Marvel Avengers Alliance Has Deadly Divas

Marvel Avengers Alliance (MAA) is a role-playing game on Facebook.

This is the third installment on the game, and this Hub will provide tips when battling the deadly divas in PVP. If you have not already read my previous Hubs on Marvel Avengers Alliance, I recommend that you do so now.

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  2. Marvel Avengers Alliance: PVP Tournament Season 2 Begins

Currently, the game is hosting Season 2 in the PVP Tournament, and the stakes are high. That is why you must prepare yourself to battle the toughest women in MAA. There are four deadly divas in particular that this Hub will focus on: Emma Frost, Scarlet Witch, and Magik.

There are other female fighters available, but I will focus on these three, as they are the ones I encounter the most in PVP.

Emma Frost

Emma Frost in Marvel Avengers Alliance
Emma Frost in Marvel Avengers Alliance

Emma Frost's Moves

Emma Frost Attack Moves
Emma Frost Attack Moves

Emma Frost is a Deadly Diva

Emma Frost is one of the four deadliest divas in Marvel Avengers Alliance. In the picture to the right, Emma Frost is seen in her Phoenix Five costume.

The Phoenix Five costume allows Emma Frost to use Cosmic Power when battling in PVP. Emma Frost also has a chance to grant her teammates the Phoenix power on their turn. The Phoenix power looks like a flaming Phoenix and causes burning in addition the typical attack.

Emma Frost has four moves:

  • Psychic Tap
  • War Diamond
  • Unlock Potential
  • Mental Trauma

Two of Emma Frost's costumes are Tactician, and one of the Phoenix Force is an Infiltrator. You will encounter the Tactician Emma Frost more frequently, therefore if you have an Infiltrator on your team, you will have a bonus counter-attack against her.

In my experience so far, Emma Frost in PVP uses her first three attacks frequently. For some reason, the Mental Trauma is not used until late rounds in the battle. I believe it is seen less just because it is not gained until level 9, making it not available to those using an Emma Frost between levels 1-8.

There is one weapon that I have been using in Season 2 PVP, that counters Emma Frost's Psychic Tap on my agent. Read about my new top secret weapon in my first Marvel Avengers Alliance Hub. If you use it immediately after she Psychic Taps your agent, you can remove the aftermath of the Psychic Tap (which takes place at the end of your next turn). You cannot prevent the initial damage when she uses Psychic Tap, and if she is wearing the Phoenix Five costume, the Phoenix force may activate and apply a slight burning sensation in your agent's boots. It is called "Fiery Retribution."

No, it is not athlete's foot.

The War Diamond move is also one that I particularly don't like because she strikes twice, and if she lands at least one, she will stun you.

Note that if Emma Frost takes two turns before you, she can Psychic Tap you one turn, then follow with the War Diamond, leaving you stunned. When this happens, I cannot use my secret weapon, the Doombringer. Sad, but true.

I generally save Emma Frost until last. This is taking a slight risk, but I am no longer concerned about her using Psychic Tap on my agent. Emma Frost's diamond ability makes it hard for single attacks to go through. If you attack her with several teammates before her next turn, you can do the most damage.

The Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch
The Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch's Moves

The Scarlet Witch is a Predictable Problem

The Scarlet Witch in Marvel Avengers Alliance is another of the deadly divas.

I usually attack her first, because her magical moves are just plain annoying. She is a Blaster. If you allow her to get to round 3, then she will pull out a move that puts a harmful effect on your team, and places a positive buff on members of her team.

The Scarlet Witch has four moves:

  • Hex Spheres
  • Arcane Blast
  • Chaos Shield
  • Probability Field

When battling The Scarlet Witch in PVP, you can predict her to do her moves in this order for the first three rounds:

  1. Hex Spheres
  2. Chaos Shield
  3. Probability Field

I don't see her Arcane Blast that often. As I said earlier, I try to take her out early, because I am not a fan of unpredictable effects given in the Probability Field.

Something that I finally caught on to was that when she does the Chaos Shield, it doesn't always cover all of her team. Pay close attention to who is not shielded by her magic. If you are set on attacking a person covered by the Chaos Shield, then you will have to attack them once with the shield on to remove it. Pick your weakest attack. It is especially helpful here to have Cooperative Attack on, so if one of your teammates decides to join in, they will take out her life.

Note that Cooperative attack is a benefit of having Coulson's Revenge equipped on your agent if you are not fighting with an Avenger.


Magik's Moves

Magik is yet another Deadly Diva

Magik is a deadly diva that I do not like to face.

The honest reason why is because my best team consists of 2 Infiltrators: Future Foundation Spider-man, and Future Foundation Invisible Woman.

Magik is a Scrapper, and they get a second attack after attacking an Infiltrator. This disadvantage is not good for my team, therefore I must take out Magik first, or at least put her in a force cage with Invisible Woman.

Magik has four moves:

  • Soulsword
  • Unleash Hell
  • Stepping Disc
  • Soulflare

The main attack move you will see her use is Soulsword. I just don't see her use the other's that often, but she will counter-attack your moves with either three bats that fly at your team in an attempt to poison all of them, or a single bat that shoots a single energy beam at the person that attacked her.

Magik's character comes from the depths of Hell, so you should expect to taste her burning sword as it slices into your beloved teammates.

That is not toast burning -- that is Spider-man on fire. Somebody, throw me a fire extinguisher!

I typically shoot Magik with the Faulteater gun, and then Force Cage her with Invisible Woman.

If you haven't picked up on it by now, if I don't like an enemy, I just cage them until later.

Magik Attacking Spider-man

Magik takes out a magical 50 HP from my Spider-man
Magik takes out a magical 50 HP from my Spider-man

Deadly Divas Don't Have to Deal Disaster

Hopefully after reading this Hub, you are now better prepared to fight the three deadly divas in Marvel Avengers Alliance.

I have shared the extent of my PVP knowledge with you in order to make you a better player. May it help you fare better in PVP battles.

Until next time...Avengers Assemble!

© 2012 zeke2100


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      zeke2100 5 years ago

      I think I found you

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      zeke2100 5 years ago

      I cant find your name in search. need your facebook email

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      Triston Patten 5 years ago

      Also can you add me on facebook my full name is triston trevon patten. I don't have many friends who play and none of them truly play the pvp.

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      Triston Patten 5 years ago

      Hey I was thinking for PVP I could use the Phoenix my agent and Scarlet Witch. Reasons for this is the Phoenix will remove all bad status from my allies and all good from my nemeses. Then Scarlet Witch will come along and add good buffs to my allies and bad buffs to my enemies. Kinda the who game play is stuck on buffs. I also have the white queen phoenix custom so when some one dies she brings them back to life unlocking here phoenix fire. Then when she uses her phoenix fire it let her bring back another falling character.