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Marvel Avengers Alliance: Union Jack PVP Character Unlocked

Updated on April 23, 2013

Union Jack Unlocked

Union Jack


Union Jack Bio in Marvel Avengers Alliance

"When war threatened Britain, James Falsworth swore to defend his country, and donned the costume of Union Jack. He is skilled at all forms of combate, specializing in pistols, daggers, and other weapons of espionage. A close friend of Captain America, James has fought alongside Rogers to protect the British Isles on numerous occasions."

Union Jack's Moves


More About Union Jack

In Marvel Avengers Alliance, Union Jack is a Scrapper. He is available for purchase for 90 command points in the team menu.

His moves are:

  • Service Revolver
  • Trench Warfare
  • Over the Top
  • V for Victory

Descriptions of the moves can be read on the right.

Union Jack's Comic History

Union Jack was activated as a British operative during World War I. He was a member of "Freedom's Five." After World War I, James Falsworth returns home to England to retire with his family.

As it comes to no surprise, Union Jack is activated again during World War II. The Human Torch saves his daughter, Jacqueline, and gives her a blood transfusion. Somehow, Jacqueline Falsworth gains the power of super speed after the transfusion from Johnny Storm. She now becomes the superhero Spitfire.

Let's rewind for a moment. Jacqueline was kidnapped by a vampire, known as Baron Blood.

What could Baron Blood possibly want with Jacqueline Falsworth?

It turns out that Baron Blood is really her Uncle John. Yes, he is the brother of James Falsworth.

Shocking, but true.

I can picture it now: "Sorry, honey, you can't go see Uncle John, because he is a vampire."

Baron Blood ends Union Jack's superhero career by smashing his legs with a boulder. Union Jack then impales dear brother John with a silver-veined stalagmite that happens to be growing in the cave of the brooding vampire. Handy!

Union Jack is now paralyzed, but goes with his daughter Jacqueline (now known as Spitfire) and another hero, Dyna-mite, to find his son, Brian. In their search, Union Jack finds out that Brian is fighting the good fight against the Nazis. Brian's superhero name is the Destroyer.

The End of Union Jack

Union Jack dies an old man of congestive heart failure, but like many masked superheroes, other brave men carry on the legacy of Union Jack, as the torch is passed on.

Fortunately for us, Union Jack lives on in Marvel Avengers Alliance. Log in today to experience the thrills and chills of playing the original Union Jack in all of his glory.


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