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Marvel Avengers Alliance: How Captain Britain Will Change PVP Tournament 6

Updated on April 23, 2013

Psylocke and Captain Britain


Captain Britain in MAA

Captain Britain
Captain Britain

Marvel Avengers Alliance Released Captain Britain

Shortly after Psylocke came out in Marvel Avengers Alliance (MAA), they naturally had to release her brother, Captain Britain.

Captain Britain was released as a playable character early on in PVP Tournament 5. I logged in one day, and "BAM!" he was there.

I thought at first I would hold out, because I really wanted to spend my Command Points to get the Punisher. I thought about it, and realized that Punisher would not be released until after the tournament was over. I faced Captain Britain in PVP, and quickly realized that I had to get this character, for two reasons:

1) I badly needed another Bruiser

2) Captain Britain is absolutely worth 90 Command Points.

3) Captain Britain's overall stats without any Iso-8 crystals are very high (great for PVP)

I still do not understand why Magik and Mockingbird are "Locked." And when Mockingbird goes on sale, it is for a ridiculous amount of Command Points. Okay, people, have it your way. I really don't want her anyway.

Captain Britain is one tough cookie to face in PVP if you allow him to survive several rounds. He gets stronger as time goes on in a fight, because his Roar of Valor stacks up. That means if he fights you the first time taking out 500 HP each punch, expect it to double next time he hits you. On top of that, he will often get a second turn immediately, making his attack sequence far too deadly.

Commentary: I finally want to add that I am a Marvel fan, and have followed superheroes for a while now. I honestly have never heard of Captain Britain until they put him in this game. I did known about Psylocke, from the X-Men.

PVP Stats

Practice PVP Fight

At the present, my Captain Britain is level 5. I have only put Refined Chaotic Iso-8 crystals on him so far, and next level, I gain the ability "Smashing."

If I can get any of the new Reactive Iso-8 crystals, I will be sure to apply them to Captain Britain.

I wanted to test him in a practice PVP fight against a level 1,272. I was able to beat them with no trouble. (See screenshot above)

Leveling Up Captain Britain

Screenshot in Marvel Avengers Alliance
Screenshot in Marvel Avengers Alliance

Strategy Leading up to PVP Tourney 6

My current strategy leading up to PVP Tournament 6 is to level up Captain Britain as much as possible while still leveling up other characters.

I noticed that at the end of the last PVP tournament, a lot of agents were using the weapon, Mahayuga. Understandably so, since it can take a minimum 1,200 HP out in a single attack, and it has "forward thinking," meaning that it does pre-emptive strikes against attacks.

I now have the Mahayuga in my arsenal, which is the upgradeable version of Decade in the latest Spec Ops 7 gear.

If other players are getting their Captain Britain ready like I am, there is certainly going to be a Bruiser-fest in the next PVP Tournament.

Get ready Avengers, there's gonna be a fight on your hands!

Spec Ops 7 Glitch

Spec Ops 7 Glitch

Has anyone else noticed the Spec Ops 7 glitch? (see screenshots on right)

Half of the time, the Spec Ops plane will be there, and the other half, it is missing. These screenshots were taken in the same day.


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