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Math Board Games

Updated on March 26, 2015

Math Board Games

Math is a challenging subject for children and adults. It takes years to master its basic functions and then when you think you know it all, it just gets harder. From the stages of learning how to count to the gradual understanding of algebra and beyond, math has no limits. Fortunately, there are no limits on how much fun you can have while learning math, either. With a multitude of board games that teach children and adults how to perfect their math skills, math can be as fun as it is challenging.

Toy stores today are full of games that make math fun. From simple games that teach young children how to count to flash cards that make multiplication a breeze, toy stores have it all. There are even games for teenagers and adults who love math – or want a fun way to get better at it – online and in stores. If you are ready to find some math board games that are fun for a variety of ages, this list is a great place to start.

Math Board Games

Fun Ways to Learn Math
Fun Ways to Learn Math | Source

Chutes and Ladders

People young and old love Chutes and Ladders because it’s just so fun to play. Even though the game is fun at any age, this is also an excellent education tool for young children – especially those who are just beginning to learn the concepts of math.

Young children gain basic number recognition when they spin the wheel which stays in single digits. The wheel teaches kids to learn the basic single numbers and how to apply them to a situation. Once a child spins the wheel and moves the right number of spots up the ladder, larger numbers come into play. With a board that reaches up to 100, Chutes and Ladders is an excellent way to encourage young children to learn the basics of math.

This game has the added bonus of teaching children the proper way to behave. The very concept of Chutes and Ladders teaches kids that good deeds are rewarded while bad deeds are punished. Positiveactions like cleaning send players further up the ladder while negative actions like eating too much candy send players down a chute. With a fantastic mix of mathematical and moral lessons, it’s no wonder Chutes and Ladders is still one of the best family games out there!

Everyone Can Use Some Math Practice



This math board game is like Scrabble with numbers. With a bag of tiles and a Scrabble-like board, Equate lets players hone their math skills while letting them choose how complex they want the game to be. The goal of the game is to create math equations on the board with the help of the nine tiles on your rack. The tiles include numbers and math symbols that can be played either vertically or horizontally so long as each play after the first one is connected to new moves.

You may want to take the more advanced tiles out of the bag for young players so they can focus on basic math functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. More advanced players can keep all the tiles and alternate between simple and difficult equations. No matter what level your math skills may be, Equate is a great way to practice math while having a good time.


Some people look at Monopoly as the starting point for aspiring real estate tycoons. While this classic board game certainly teaches the value of high priced properties, it also teaches the value of a dollar. With properties and buildings that range from hundreds to millions of dollars, players must strategically determine when to invest and when to walk away from an opportunity. Players must also budget taxes, rental fees, and the costs of taking out or repaying a mortgage. All of these activities involve math skills that apply in all stages of life, so Monopoly essentially prepares players for the real world.

Additionally, younger children can enhance their counting and basic math skills without even realizing the educational value of Monopoly. This game teaches kids how to count, how to make change, and how to delegate money as the banker. Talk about sneaking tons of math skills into a game that never gets old!

With such a vast variety of math board games, it is easy to practice math while having fun. Great for families, classrooms, and even friendly adult competitions, math board games can bring people together for unforgettable, educational fun.

School House Counting Board Game


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