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Gift Ideas for Kindergarten Teachers

Updated on March 1, 2013

Kindergarten Teachers

Teachers, especially kindergarten teachers, are not really picky or choosy when it comes to the gifts they receive. Unlike many people who are in a different profession, kindergarten teachers would not whine about the gifts they receive. Also, kindergarten teachers would be happy and contented even with a simple gift like a greeting card and a hug. However, if you want to give a teacher something of value for the efforts they gave in teaching your child, continue reading for some nice gift finds

People in the professions of engineering, information technology, accountancy, and medicine are some of those people who are hard to find gifts for. This is because they usually have all of the latest high-tech gadgets which you first thought of giving, or are pretty much well-off in life so they seem to not need anything anymore. But, kindergarten teachers are way simpler than those professionals mentioned previously. They do not need to have the latest in technology, so you can give them any of the latest gadget trends; nor do they have everything anyone can wish for, so you can give them something of value from your heart.

Because of the simplicity of the lives of kindergarten teachers, they are not hard to find gifts for. Sometimes, what kindergartens do to thank their lovely and wonderful second parents is give them greeting cards. These cards can be made out of a simple bond paper, coloured paper, or a felt paper and can be cut and designed personally by little kids. Usually, greeting cards like these has cute scribbles by a child all over it saying thanks to the teacher. As simple as this gift maybe, when given with a hug by a cute kindergartener, it can light up a whole city with the overwhelming energy and pleasure that the teacher feels.

Even though greetings cards are good enough of a gift, you may still want to add something to the card. Like a jar of homemade chocolate chip cookies or a gift card to a supermarket or department store. There are still many items which you may find interesting and fitting for a kindergarten teacher and some of those are listed here. So, let us start.

Photo Album/Scrap Book

Photo albums record special memories which are good to treasure. In the teaching profession you can meet and mentor many different children with different personalities. Would it not be good if the teacher has a certain memory of your child while in his/her class? You can buy simple photo album or a scrap book then fill it with pictures of your child, you, and the teacher. Fill it also with pictures of you, your child, and the teacher together. Include pictures of your child doing school activities or making hugging the teacher. After that, you can decorate it with buttons, ribbons, or anything that would add a nice touch to the album. Once done, wrap it up with a ribbon and a gift card personally made by your child and you now have a special teacher’s gift.

Recipe Book

Teachers usually are good cookers. So, it would be nice if you can give a recipe book to a teacher. But before you go and buy some expensive recipe book for exotic cuisine, this recipe book is not a regular recipe book. It would be much better if the recipe book is personally made and contains special recipes from each of the families of his/her students. Surely, you can put a smile to a kindergarten teacher’s heart through his/her stomach.

Books for Classroom Use

In order to teach well and lure the children to thinking that school is a great place, kindergarten teachers need a special tool called books. You can give a teacher a book for his or her self and you can also give the teacher a book for classroom usage. Spiritual books and cooking books are usually blockbusters when it comes to being gifts for kindergarten teachers. Would it not be better if you can make the teacher happy while at the same time ensuring that your child would have additional learning equipments? Certainly, giving a teacher a new set of books for class usage will help in achieving the purpose of education. Story books, colouring books, and photo books are nice book options to give to a kindergarten school teacher. This is due to the fact that children need interesting things to keep their minds from wandering away from school, and those books fill the job quite well.

Handmade Gift Items

Anything handmade is duly appreciated by any recipient. This is because handmade gifts usually take time and a lot of effort to be finished and ready to be given. Teachers appreciate this fact more because of their simple outlook in life. Do a project together with your kids to make a gift for the special kindergarten teacher. You can either give a pottery piece, picture frame, and poem written by the talented child, or anything special that is handmade. Moreover, a handmade gift does not necessarily be perfectly crafted nor must it be an expensive project to do. A simple piece of clay pot with small clay flowers inside it might even suffice the need for a gift of kindergarten teachers because they understand the amount of effort put into it and that the devotion and respect that a child or a parent feels toward him/her. Look at it this way; would anybody want to spend precious time, effort, dedication, resources, and effort in making a handmade gift item if that person does not care for the recipient? So, teachers would feel very loved and respected even with the simplest of gifts from the heart.

Teachers, unlike most professionals, are not choosy in the gifts that they receive. Give the kindergarten teacher a simple greeting card with little scribbles in it professing how much you respected and adore that teacher and it could make the teacher’s day brighter. But still, additional items would be much appreciated.

Gift for Teacher Mini Album


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