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Metal Beyblades: Buy Metal Fight Beyblade Online

Updated on January 5, 2014

Metal Beyblades

Metal beyblade refers to the new series of beys with Di-cast metal. It is also called beyblade metal fusion or beyblade metal fight in Japan. It includes over 40 different beyblades. They are very popular and come with a beylauncher (beyblade ripcord), 5-piece top and an assembling tool with stickers. We have 4 of them at this moment, they are Rock Orso, Rock Aquario, Storm Pegasus and Lighting LDrago. Each package also comes with an online code that you can submit on Except for LDrago, all beys can exchange their parts with other beyblades to make them perform differently, while LDrago can only switch the spin track and performance tip. There are also a lot of beyblade gears like grips and string launchers (sold separately), also packs that sell 2 or 3 beys altogether. If you need a place for battling you can buy a beystadium (bey stadium) which comes separately or with a package. There are 52 new episodes and the main character in the episodes is named Ginga Hagane. There are two very powerful metal beyblades, they are Pegasis and the forbidden bey LDrago.

Metal Beyblade: LDrago
Metal Beyblade: LDrago

Metal Beyblade: L Drago

LDrago is currently the most powerful attack type metal bey. Because of his spin-steal ability, he is able to take the power from other beyblades and powers up himself. He has 5 parts: the Facebolt, Energy Ring for LDrago, Fusion Wheel Lightning, Spin Track 100 Low Profile, and Performance Tip HF. He has the ability of having two modes by turning the energy ring. Red sticker showing is “multi hit mode”, and yellow sticker showing is “upper mode”. The stats are 17 stars for attack, 2½ stars for defense and 3½ stars for stamina. His facebolt has a large dragon head and the name written on it. More on Ldrago

Metal Beyblade Rock Orso
Metal Beyblade Rock Orso

Metal Beyblade: Rock Orso

Rock orso is a very powerful defense type metal beyblade but also has very good stamina power because of the bald performance tip. He has 5 main parts, facebolt, energy ring, fusion wheel, spin track and performance tip. His facebolt has an evil like bear on it and his initials RO. His energy ring is Orso, fusion wheel is Rock, his spin track is a D125 and his performance tip is a B. His stats are 3 stars for attack power, 13 stars for defense and 8 stars for stamina. The pack contains code, assembling tool, Rock Orso and ripcord launcer. There are 2 curved brownish stickers for the energy ring, and a face sticker for facebolt and launcher. He can exchange all of his parts including performance tip, spin track, fusion wheel and energy ring.

Metal Beyblade: Storm Pegasus 105RF, Limited Edition
Metal Beyblade: Storm Pegasus 105RF, Limited Edition

Metal Beyblade: Storm Pegasus

Storm Pegasis is one of the most powerful attack type metal beys, but has poor stamina and defense. His stats are 15 stars for attack, 3 stars for defense and 2 stars for stamina. His fusion wheel Storm has a sleek and cool design, and is built mostly for attack. However, Storm Pegasus’ Rubber Flat tip gives it aggressive spin. The energy ring for Storm Pegasus is translucent and uneven. I noticed when it spun, part of a yellow area changed height and went down again until it stopped spinning. Just like other attack type beys, Storm Pegasus does look attractive and powerful, but I would recommend exchanging minor parts such as the spin track to improve its stamina.

Metal Beyblade: Evil Gemios DF145FS
Metal Beyblade: Evil Gemios DF145FS
Metal Beyblade: Rock Scorpio T125ES
Metal Beyblade: Rock Scorpio T125ES

Where to Buy Metal Beyblades

As you have already seen, ebay and amazon are the most popular web sites to shop for beyblade toys. Normally ebay is the place for bargains, but depending on the rarity of a bey, it can be just as expensive as other places. Sellers from other countries tend to sell loose tops, though manufactured in authorized factories, chances of missing prints are higher, just like a bakugan with missing G number, but this is where you can get best possible prices for a beyblade. Amazon sometimes has attractive prices too, but on average more expensive than ebay. Local stores such as Wal-mart, ToysRUs and Target generally carry many kinds of beyblades, but tend to be out of stock since they normally have the best prices for toys. Walgreens carries hot toys too, beyblade was on the shelf around the holidays, but quickly sold out. There are other toy web sites have much more complete collections such as, but they tend to have much higher prices. So shop around is important.

List of All Metal Beyblades

  1. Eagle (or Aquila)
  2. Earth Aquila/Aquario
  3. Storm Pegasus
  4. Galaxy Pegasis (Galaxy Pegasus)
  5. Cyber Pegasis
  6. Lightning L Drago
  7. Rock Leone
  8. Flame Libra
  9. Rock Giraffe
  10. Dark Wolf
  11. Dark Gasher
  12. Rock Orso
  13. Thermal Pisces
  14. Storm Capricorn
  15. Flame Sagittario
  16. Dark Bull
  17. Burn Fireblaze
  18. Rock Aries
  19. Poison Serpent
  20. Ray Unicorno
  21. Ray Gill
  22. Earth Vergo
  23. Evil Gemios

There are 40 metal beyblades in total, an update will be coming once more names are gathered.


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