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Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition!

Updated on March 24, 2013

Hello, People and memes of the internet! This is the first of a series of reviews, tips and tricks, or other interesting things about games with myself, the T.N.T. Husky! We’re going to dig into games one by one and find all the interesting gems and junk we can grab here, so get those shovels and picks (unless you have paws) ready, and let the digging begin!

The WiiU has only been out for a couple of months, and is already getting mixed reviews. some people rip on the price, others think the new gamepad is just a cheap gimmick, and that nothing has really changed from the original Wii. Also are the people who happen to like the new HD graphics, touchscreen display, and separation from the television without sacrificing performance. Personally, I think the WiiU is a massive improvement from the Wii.

The particular game we’re digging into doesn’t really take great advantage of the WiiU’s extra power, nor is it very innovative. In Mighty Switch Force!: Hyper Drive Edition (It’s spelled with an exclamation point for some reason. Emphasis? I’m not sure, but moving on!) you play the role of a futuristic female police officer and have to find the five lady criminals who have escaped the prison van, all the while using your blaster to take down baddies, and apparently use your helmet to switch platforms in and out of a faded state in an interesting combination of a side scrolling platformer, and challenging puzzle game.

The game doesn’t feature much in the way of customization. You can’t change the controls, so you’re stuck with what they give you. But in this case, it’s okay. The controls you’re stuck with have that simple platformer feel. Just move with the left analog stick or D-pad, jump with the B button, and switch certain platforms in and out with the A button, or either trigger or shoulder button. Unfortunately, the only touchscreen controls are available when using the gamepad as opposed to the TV. but this isn’t really knocking off many points, either. The controls feel smooth, and easy to work with either way.

The game is fun to jump into, and gets challenging quickly. It features a timer, and a minimum time, called Par, but it’s not really necessary to finish the level, and really just there for you to challenge yourself. I found myself less worried about the timer until I actually completed the level first. I also found the game hard to put down after the first level, the character designs are adorable, especially considering how suggestively the girls are all dressed. and the environments, though not really anything you’ll focus on, puts you in a slowly degrading futuristic world. When combined with the music, it gives the game a “megaman-ish” feel, while passing time by keeping you focused on figuring out how to get past each obstacle, then make your way to the big robot after capturing all the ladies. The character animations and artwork look well worked and blend smoothly, and when you fail on a certain part, you really feel like it’s your fault, and not a problem with the game. Completing the level under the “Par” time doesn’t seem to do much, but the little star that appears next to the level selection feels nice to have, and it makes you wonder if you can beat your best time again and again.

At first, this game doesn’t seem like anything special. It doesn’t offer much innovation, and doesn’t allow you to do much customization. But this is a classic case of looks deceiving us. The game is fun to pick up, hard to put down, and worth the $6.99 price tag I paid for it (though i downloaded it while it was on sale, but I’m guessing it’s not going to be any more than $9.99 if you miss it) It’s no video game juggernaut like mario, halo, uncharted, or other such games. It does, however, offer you a fun time while challenging your brain, and reflexes, and gives you what is now a seldom-used, upbeat futuristic feel, and makes it look simply adorable. I would recommend Mighty Switch Force!: Hyper Drive Edition to any intense gamers, and if you want to try it anyway, It’s still worth the money.

Well, I think that’s enough digging, don’t you? Next time, we’ll take a look back to a game that came out when a certain video game character was feeling the repercussions of having been sold to the wrong company. In the mean time, this is the T.N.T. Husky, and see you guys soon!


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      3 years ago

      Since I started tlaielrvng at the beginning of year, one of the best lessons was learning how to delegate. So I have been outsourcing a lot more, and also hired an assistant. The problem is I am still new to the assistant thing, and sometimes spend more time worrying over what tasks to give than saving time I think it'll take a while to get used to it. I never, ever feel like I have enough time, though, and I am very stretched as I am tlaielrvng. I don't want to complain about it, though, because obviously I'm spending a lot of time doing nice things, but it's not easy and sometimes it's nearly impossible to keep track of everything in my brain! And I can't relate to having to take care of kids etc. which must add a whole new level of things to keep track of!So anyway, I guess my point is that outsourcing is the answer, but that has a learning curve of its own that makes it more time consuming at first.Ruth P recently posted..

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after several days stugirlgng

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Phil, with all due respect, you've miessd what Devlin and Khosla are saying. As a long-time (10 yrs+) online and f-2-f instructor and also as a pioneer in my institution of new ways of doing it, I disagree with you.You say: Did I mention that Khan Academy now frees up the instructor in a traditional course to focus their attention on interactive, bi-directional, very human interactions? . No it doesn't. Khan Academy doesn't make the flipped classroom possible. Video capture, editing, and web technology make the flipped classroom practical. It was possible but less practical before. All Khan does is impose his idea of how to teach and how to connect with students. It's more of the same publisher-knows-all model that dictates structure, technique, story, context, etc to the professor, only now the publisher is Khan instead McGrawPearsonCengageWorth. It's assumes that Khan knows the students better than the professor herself and therefore knows how to connect to them. It's built on the same content moving along a conveyor belt of media to passive receptor student model that traditional publishing is. I've tried it. Khan confuses my students more than it helps. If you really want to enable and encourage flipped classrooms, then enable and empower professors to create and share their own stuff. That's why I'm working on projects like Malartu Inc. Focus on the tools, not the finished deliverables. There is no great lecture . There's only great lectures as designed and delivered for particular students and classes. Education requires a dialog between professor and student. Khan's never heard anything from the students. It's all one way: Khan to student.This is what I think both Devlin and Khosla are saying. The VC's are funding what they think is education without checking with the real educators about the real problems and challenges. It's arrogance and not helping.


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