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Mine Colony, NPC Minecraft Mod

Updated on March 8, 2011
For more Minecraft mods, visit:
For more Minecraft mods, visit: | Source

If you feel alone in your Minecraft world and wish that there was a way to have others help you without dealing with the griefing and messy emotions that sometimes come with interacting with real humans, then Mine Colony is going to be a must have mod for you. Mine Colony adds NPCs to the game. But these aren't any old NPCs who stand there and look silly, these are NPCs who make themselves useful by mining you minerals and stone, chopping down wood and farming you wheat. There's even an NPC who will go around delivering materials to a warehouse if you build one.

It's really hard to over state how awesome this mod is. Pictured above is a farm, created from nothing by the farmer NPC. All by himself he tilled the earth, dug irrigation ditches for water and placed torches for lighting. Without lifting a finger, I had a fully operational farm on my doorstep in less than one Minecraft day.The houses you see next to the Farmer and the Lumberjack are created by waving a crafted scepter at their special chests. It's a strange way of doing things, but I'm not complaining.

To be fair, things do occasionally go awry. My delivery man, for instance, fell down a shaft dig by an over zealous miner. You really do have to make sure that miners are located away from structures you're particularly attached to and other NPC's because they have no sense of health and safety whatsoever.

I have to say though, given that all these automated actions are being carried out by one small mod, everything works pretty well. The lumberjack even collects saplings when they fall and replants them. Even I'm not usually that efficient. When a worker runs out of tools, they'll stop working and put up a sign. Really. They leave you a note to let you know what they need. It's awesome.

With a bunch of updates planned for the future, this is definitely a mod to keep your eye on. It's worth installing now, but it's sure to be better when the planned additions, like fishermen, blacksmiths and automatic roading are added.

How To Install Mine Colony

Installing Mine Colony can be confusing. Make sure you have Rigasumi's Mod Loader and TFC's Mod Manager. With TFC's Mod manager, you don't even need to bother unzipping the mod or opening your minecraft.jar, you can just use the simple interface to remotely load mods.

Once you have Mine Colony installed, you should spend some time on the official thread learning how the various NPCs work. Once you get the hang of things it is fairly simple to get them going, though there is a little bit of a learning curve involved.

Mine Colony is (allegedly) compatible with Mo'Creatures, and I suggest you install both at the same time. Unless you have some sort of soul condition that prevents you from enjoying things like horses and piglets. That's right, I said piglets.



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