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Minecraft Alpha Texture Pack Download

Updated on December 13, 2011
Glorious minecraft alpha green!
Glorious minecraft alpha green!

If you're feeling nostalgic for Minecraft Alpha, you can now play Minecraft 1.0 with all the appearances of Minecraft Alpha, all the bright green hope of those past days. The 'no biomes' minecraft texture pack removes most of the biomes that have been added since the halcyon days of Alpha. What's really nice about this texture pack is that it lets you play amidst the undeniably superior terain generated in Minecraft 1.0 without the heavy dullness that seems to pervade that very same terrain.

Some biomes are preserved by the texture pack, Swamp Biomes, for instance, still loom dark and large with their vines and rich grass. This could be an oversight however, as the pack is supposed to be a 'no biome' pack. Certainly I haven't seen any of those horrid and overstated pine forests one always seems to spawn in nowadays since I installed this texture pack. EDIT: Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your aesthetic taste and point of view, pine forests still do manifest in this texture pack. The lighter grass does provide some relief from their gloomy interiors however.

This is a texture pack that will rekindle your sense of glee at building a dirt house and fending skeletons off at the door, this is a texture pack that will remind you of the wonder you felt when you first mined deep into the eart and disovered lakes of lava flowing beneath the calm exterior of the land.

It's a default 16x of course, just like the original textures were, so you need not worry about installing any fancy patchers, you can simply enjoy bright grass and bright leaves to your heart's content, and if you want to go on an anti pine rampage and replant those nasty pine forests with proper normal trees, well I don't think anyone will fault you for that. It's just a pity that fire spread has also been nerfed since Minecraft Alpha, those who played back then will remember the way a single spark could rip through an entire forest, leaving eternally burning bits of log sticking up here and there for miles.

If removing biomes doesn't seem to go far enough - if you want to actually play Minecraft Alpha or Beta, there is a tool that allows one to play earlier versions of the game – this is perfect for people who think the whole thing went wrong when Notch introduced beds, or potions or dragons. Check out MC Nostalgia.

Or, if you just want the old Alpha textures back, download No Biomes, Minecraft Alpha Texture Pack.

Minecraft 1.0 terrain rendered in Alpha colors.
Minecraft 1.0 terrain rendered in Alpha colors.
Swamps thwarting the Alpha scheme.
Swamps thwarting the Alpha scheme.


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