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Minecraft Community Pack, 27 Minecraft Mods In One Easy Download

Updated on February 12, 2011
For more Minecraft mods and tools, visit:
For more Minecraft mods and tools, visit: | Source

Weeks ago I made a Minecraft prophecy. Specifically I said that TFC's mod manager would change Minecraft modding forever. Today I stand metaphorically before you, jabbing my finger in the direction of the Minecraft Community Pack, a pack which includes 27 mods.

Included in the pack are: (I'm just going to mention the more interesting and exciting mods here, some of the 27 mods mentioned simply work behind the scenes ensuring that all the additional awesome doesn't trip over itself and cause black screens of doom.)

Dr Zhark's Mo' Creatures, a mod I've recommended before because it adds bunny rabbits and unicorns to a game sorely lacking both unicorns and rabbits. There are other creatures too of course, lions and bears and ogres, oh my!

Humans + Another popular mod that adds a plethora of human heroes and villans to your Minecraft world.From knights that ride horses (and probably say ni) to pirates that float about on the high seas, occasionally hijacking boats belonging to other pirates and perhaps even you, there's never a dull moment with the Humans + mod. Some players report a mild level of dissatisfaction due to being followed by people who may or may not want to harm them, but even angry mobs are better than being alone.

Shockah's Minerals, a mod that adds new mineral types and extra functionality to the game. It's actually rather hard to do this mod justice in only one or two sentences because it really does so very much. In addition to adding Firestone, a new ore type, and allowing the creation of obsidian tools, Shockah's Minerals also adds a plethora of new recipies, including recipes for scrolls which can be used to magic various items up in the game.

Easy Mod Installation!

Best of all, instead of fiddling around with mod loaders and additional modding tools (if I recall correctly installing Shockah's additional ores alone required the addition of six more mods) everything you need is included in the .zip download and can be installed in just a few clicks using the exceptionally awesome TFC's mod manager, a tool that modifies your game without the need for you to so much as look at the minecraft.jar.

A quick caveat however, for people who have already tried their hand at modding and may have other mods installed. You'll need to start with a clean installation. It sucks, but there it is. Any residue from old mod installations may cause the entire thing to melt down into the black screen of doom. You were warned.

Oh, and back up your saves, brush your nose and wipe your hair.



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