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Minecraft Falling Snow Mod

Updated on March 20, 2011

Back in the days of Minecraft Alpha, when your dirt hut was something to be proud of and you smelted every piece of glass lovingly by hand, snow fell from the skies in snowy terrain. Then, something terrible happened. An update. An update to end all updates. Well, not to end all updates, but to end falling snow. No longer could one go walking in a winter wonderland whilst flakes fell upon one's nose.

Snow didn't just perform an aesthetic function either. Where snow fell, coldness was spread. That meant that snow falling on open water had the power to create blocks of ice, and snow falling on the ground would cover the aforementioned ground with a thin, albeit satisfying layer of snowy powder. You could harvest snow for days without going much further than the perimeter of your arctic encampment.

Nowadays if you dig some snow, the snow is gone forever. May the Minecraft gods have mercy on your soul if you place a torch near a patch of snow, for it will melt it mercilessly, leaving the area around the snow patch looking like spring has come to Narnia in the strangest of ways.

Snow has become a finite resource, something that you'll have to INVedit in if you really need more of it. Ice blocks too, are rare treasures. Break an ice block in Beta 1.3 and you'll be left with a hole in the ice for Minecraft eternity. Sure you can stuff it with wooden planks or stone or something, but it's not the same as watching it naturally regenerate with the snow fall

Fortunately, modders took the snow issue into their own hands and created the Minecraft Snow Mod. With this mod, low visibility due to flurries of the white stuff is a reality once more, as is perpetual snow cover and icy waters to skate upon.

At the present time, snow only falls in cold biomes, which I feel makes much more sense than the original snow that just fell everywhere. If you generated a snowy world, you were stuck with snow in your nose for as long as you could handle it. I have to admit that I once hated snowy worlds, but now that those old single biome worlds are gone, I find myself deeply nostalgic for those innocent, early Minecraft days.

If you're a heavy modder, you may find that this mod conflicts with other mods. Give it a go though, the reward is surely worth the price of possible failure.

Download Minecraft Falling Snow Mod


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