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Minecraft Portal Mod

Updated on March 9, 2011

Portal is one of the most popular games in recent times. So is Minecraft. What happens if you combine Portal and Minecraft? Sheer excellence, that's what happens. Now you can play Portal whilst also playing Minecraft. It's really only a matter of time before you can play pretty much any game ever created in Minecraft. Me, I'm hanging out for the day when somebody makes a Tony Hawk Pro Skater mod for Minecraft. Oh how I love that game. It's like a zen experience. It is a zen experience. THPS was where gaming peaked for me. Now I'm really biding my time for virtual holodecks.

Anyway, this Portal mod is super terrific. You can craft your hand held Portal device by combining lapis lazuli and redstone. You'll then need some iron, some obsidian and the ability to follow simple instructions. Once you do that, you'll have the Portal device at your disposal and you'll be able to Portal your way through your Minecraft world. It will be super.

In case you're not familiar with Portal, here's a quick run down of how this works. You will be able to create two types of portal with your hand held portal device. Blue portals are entry portals that allow you to walk through them. Yellow portals are exit portals.

Zap an exit portal wherever you'd like to exit, then zap a blue entry portal nearby. When you enter the blue portal, you'll find yourself emerging though the yellow one. This makes minecarts look like the primitive iron behemoths they are. In fact, between this Portal mod and the Minecraft Planes mod, I'm betting that minecarts become nothing more than a footnote in Minecraft's history sooner rather than later.

There is some scope for creating special level puzzles for other players to play through, which will make the Portal experience all the more rewarding. After all, Portal isn't a game in which you accidentally walk though a cow, it's a game in which you must use the power of portals to escape tricky situations. Tricky situations in which you could be trapped forever, but you won't be because of the fact you can BLAST PORTALS INTO THE WALLS.

Okay, so, there it is. Download the mod, make some levels, share them with your friends. Be a good Minecraft citizen. Help your landlady take out her garbage. And remember, If at first you don't succeed – you fail.

Download the Minecraft Portal Mod


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