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Minecraft Shelves, Shelf Mod for Minecraft

Updated on July 11, 2011

Ever wished you could put precious objects on display? Now you can with Minecraft shelves. I discovered these as part of the Minecraft mod compilation YogBox, (which I highly recommend checking out) but you can also get the shelf mod from Risugami's mod page, on account of the fact that this is just one of the many amazing mods Risugami has contributed to the game.

Crafting shelves is easy. Three stone or three wood placed in a shelf type formation will craft a single shelf. If you're looking for a slightly more high class style of shelf, you can also craft shelves out of brick and obsidian. Each shelf can hold nine items, which can be placed by right clicking the shelf. You can retrieve items in the same fashion. If an item is stackable, then the shelf can hold a stack of each item in each slot, so in theory, you could have seventy two delicious cookies waiting for you on a shelf that appears to only hold nine, and you can have up to 576 arrows on display in a space warping way that Dr Who would be particularly tickled by.

As the screenshots show, it is possible to stack shelves for a tiered effect, or to place shelves on top of other blocks so they function as eye level displays. It's possible to create racks for armor, kitchen counters / cabinets and workshop spaces. Never forget what you have in your inventory again! Obviously shelves aren't super brilliant for storing large amounts of materials, but they are certainly a quick and simple way to add ambiance to a room. Display food in your kitchen areas, armor in your barracks, redstone and levers in your electrical workshop.

Shelves potentially have other aesthetic applications, such as roofs. The fact that steps can only be made with cobblestone and wooden planks limits roof types, but with additional options like brick and obsidian, a whole new world of extra durable roofing opens up. Just be careful when placing obsidian shelves, there's nothing more tiresome in the whole wide world than mining obsidian when you've placed it in the wrong location by accident.

Download and Installation

As this is one of Risugami's mods, it works with Mod Loader, which is pretty much essential for modding Minecraft these days (at least until Mojang come out with the promised modding API.) As mentioned earlier in the article, I'm using shelves as part of the YogBox, a compilation of Minecraft mods that happens to come with a handy dandy installer, which saves you messing about in the Minecraft .jar files.

Download Risugami's Shelf Mod


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