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Mob of the Dead: How to Build the "Zombie Shield"

Updated on May 10, 2016
Opening scene from Mob of the Dead
Opening scene from Mob of the Dead | Source

The "Zombie Shield" Returns

When players first got their hands on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 zombies, they were blown away by the new masterpiece known as "Tranzit" mode, where they were introduced to a number of buildable weapons and accessories to help them in there mission of surviving the zombie apocalypse.

One of these new buildable weapons was the notorious "Zombie Shield" or riot shield found at the Diner Area. This "Zombie Shield" gave players extra protection from being hit by zombies from behind, allowed players to push and bounce away zombies attacking from the front, and even blockacde doors by planting them in the ground in front of door ways.

Now in "Mob of the Dead" Zombies from the "Uprising" map pack, players can build the "Zombie Shield" again and this time it is not so easy to just go pick up another one from the workbench after it gets destroyed by zombies. Especially when the guard, Brutus, comes and locks it down. When this happens, it's going to cost you a hefty 2000 points to get it back.

Build and Equip the Zombie Shield

In order for you to obtain the Zombie SHield you must first find the three parts needed for the work bench. They spawn in three different areas of the map and can be found in the machine/generator room, the spiral staircase where you can find the plane part in the elevator shaft and another right out on the docks where the tower trap is located.

Once you have all three parts to the Zombie Shield, build it at the work bench that can be found by the Hell Hound in the Docks area. It will not last forever and can be re-obtained for free at the work bench if Brutus has not locked it down. If Brutus locked the work bench, you have to pay the 2000 points to open it back up.

The Zombie shield can be a powerful defensive weapon against zombie attacks from behind and can still be used to fling away hordes of zombies, but for zero point gain. Will you choose to use the new "Zombie Shield" or go bare-back into the deadly hallows of Alcatraz Island?

Zombie Shield Video Tutorial


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