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Modern Warfare 2 PC Multiplayer Mistakes

Updated on September 18, 2010

Modern Warfare 2

The latest game CoD6 MW2 might be great to play, but its multiplayer mode is riddled with problems for PC Gamers.
The latest game CoD6 MW2 might be great to play, but its multiplayer mode is riddled with problems for PC Gamers.

Just In Case You Want to Buy MW2 Anyway...

Numerous Multiplayer Mistakes in COD6 MW2

When I heard about the upcoming release of the new version of Modern Warfare, MW2, I was ecstatic. Unfortunately as time passed more and more snippets of information came to my attention, which disappointed me more and more.

The final knockback was when I played Modern Warfare 2 on a friends computer. I entered the multiplayer mode, and suddenly realised I could not choose a profile.

Problem Number One - Only One Multiplayer Profile

This may not seem like a huge deal, but it means you can only complete the multiplayer rankings once, only one person in a household can play it once, you can only have one custom weapon sets set up. It all suddenly starts to feel wrong.  This is a really big problem after a few days of play, and especially if you live in a household of more than one person.  The worrying thing about this is that if MW2 gets away with charging people on a per user basis, will Microsoft start charging us the same on Windows?

And then you press join multiplayer game, and thats when you get hit by the second major disappointment.

Problem Number Two - No More dedicated Servers

The lack of dedicated servers in MW2 removes a huge community feel from the game. instead of going online and playing with friends, i now play Modern Warfare 2 with people I never know. The lack of dedicated servers also means, no more customizations, no more new maps, no more increased player limits, no more anything but the boring same old time and time again.

Before you start to play Modern Warfare 2 though you need to join a game.

For more than 5 minutes I found myself pressing the Join Game button only to be hit by error message after error message. Waiting for it to search through numerous games time after time. Which leads me in to..

Problem Number Three - The Server Errors and Join Times

I could not just choose a game I liked the look of out of the list, I could not easily join my friends server. Infact, now I am told if I want to play with friends I have to pre-arrange playtime with them all. As if that is going to happen.

For ten minutes I would press join game, and watch it have connection errors, or just constantly fail to match me to a game. when i finally got in to a game I would have to wait another two to three minutes just to wait for the game to start!

All in all, for a single game you can expect to spend more time queuing for Modern warfare 2 than actually playing it, which is a shame since COD 6 MW2 is infact a very good multiplayer game, once you get in. It is just a shame that the gameplay is now limited, not only by customizations, but by team sizes.

Problem Number Four - Limited Players

Each game only has space for a maximum of 18 players, and in team deathmatch, the limit is 12, that's 6 people per team! No more of those massive strategic battles, in Modern Warfare 2 you basically either run around solo, or find a camping spot and sit it out till you die.

When you compare this to the epic PC battles in COD4, Modern Warfare 2 really does fall short by a long way. There are no longer enough players to hold strategic battle fronts, instead you usually find your deaths are down to an annoying shot in the back.

Conclusion on Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 is a great game in Multiplayer and Single Player, however a lot of PC fans are left feeling disappointed.  This is not particularly surprising since it was the PC gamers which made the original Call of Duty games a success.

While Modern Warfare 2 really does improve the gameplay of COD4, its limitations are so annoying and restrictive that I have decided against buying the game, and instead I will wait to buy Battlefield Bad Company 2 to fulfill my online shooter needs.

i cannot help but feel a little disappointed in the lack of support for PC gamers in the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and I am far from being the only one.  Over 200,000 PC gamers have boycotted Modern Warfare 2, and many more have simply not bought the game after reading its PC reviews.

While the multiplayer game is excellent in itself, they have let it down completely simply by refusing to allow custom dedicated server support, and only giving each person who buys the game (On steam, need to confirm about CD version) a single multiplayer profile.

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    • gamespulse profile image


      8 years ago

      The join times really sucks....

    • DanPowers profile image


      8 years ago from Tokyo

      I love this game. It's about time the map pack came out.

    • mynameisnotpaul profile image


      8 years ago from Kentuckeh'

      There are tons of problems with the game, but under all of the sticky annoyances, I see what they were getting at and I still really enjoy it.

      I'm not too big of a fan of the 360 lag, though. hehe.


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