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Modern Warfare 3 Tips: How to Rank Up Fast!

Updated on September 23, 2012

Despite Modern Warfare 3 reaching the end of its life cycle in the Call of Duty series, there are many players who are still looking to rank up fast in game, and impress their friends with the 'amazing' achievements that they have completed.

There are also a significant number of players who strive to unlock the golden camouflage for every primary weapon available, only to rub their accomplishment in the faces of their envious friends and peers.

For the players in Modern Warfare 3 who are marvelling at how the professional players manage to rank up so fast, in such an insignificant amount of time, here is the guide which will not only show you how to reach prestige quicker, but give you the variety and challenge to begin enjoying Modern Warfare 3 again.

PP90m1 Sub-machine Gun Challenges.

PP90m1 Challenges.
PP90m1 Challenges.

Primary Weapon Challenges.

Any Modern Warfare 3 player, who has played the game for more than a week, should know about the primary weapon challenges. Each primary weapon in Modern Warfare 3 has some structured milestones which reward you with an experience boost, each time you manage to accomplish one of the presented 'tasks'.

It is common for the majority of players to simply disregard these challenges, and let them be achieved overtime as the player continues to use that weapon. However, this is potentially causing the player to be missing out on thousands of extra experience points, which he could have obtained if he'd taken a closer look into what the challenges had to offer...

Here's what each primary weapon will typically include in terms of challenges.

· Kills (Up to 2,500.)

· Attachments. (Red dot sight, Acog scope, Extended Magazines etc. etc.)

· Headshots (Up to 1,000.)

As you can see while there isn't a ton of main challenges, the sub challenges within each of these three are quite extensive. Regarding the kill challenges in Modern Warfare 3, you will gain a grand total of 10,000 experience points from achieving 300 kills, 500 kills, 750 kills and 1,000 kills. As a plus, once you have achieved prestige with your weapon, roll over kills of 500 kills, 1,000 kills and 2,500 kills will also reward 10,000 experience points.

Due to the fact that the main rewards for kills begin at the 300 milestone, it's worth mentioning that if you are going to try to rank up fast from doing a primary weapon challenge, then you should begin only using one specific weapon that you are comfortable with. This will in effect save you a lot of time in terms of not having to get used to a weapon that you are hopeless at using.

Additionally, you may find that using a weapon that you are relatively good at using will be more enjoyably for you, than using something like the RSASS sniper rifle which you are terrible with.

Pro Perk Challenges.

Modern Warfare 3 also has a large variety of challenges for each perk in the game. While there are some standard/basic ones which come with the perks themselves, you will also be opened up to an even larger variety once you upgrade your perks to pro.

Such perks as Extreme Conditioning and Dead Silence can be hugely effective at gaining experience once "pro", as with their challenges you can earn upwards of 10,000 experience points per challenge you complete. Not only that, but they are simple and easy challenges such as jumping off a surface 15 feet from the ground, or mantling objects 40 times.

That is why it is important to customise your classes so that you can make the most of the available perk challenges; otherwise you are wasting the potential to gain 10,000 extra experience points.

Random/Prestige Challenges.

Modern Warfare 3 also brings a selection of "random" challenges, which will reward you a certain amount of experience based on the difficulty, each challenge is to complete. For instance, if you were to get 25 payback kills with frag grenades, you will be rewarded 10,000 experience points.

Although, if you were to only get 5 payback kills with frag grenades, you would only be awarded 3,500 experience points. The amount of experience you earn is based directly on the difficulty of the challenge.

Therefore, to get the most out of these challenges, you should always aim to reach the challenges which award 10,000 experience points, as you will also achieve all the smaller ones which are similar to it.

Also, as you may have already noticed, there are some challenges which are rewarding yet extremely random, like blowing up 50 vehicles in search and Destroy. I would personally recommend going after these challenges despite their randomness, as in perspective it is "free experience".

A Great Video Demonstrating How Completing Challenges Can Give You Massive Amounts of Experience.

Thanks to "MyDarkKin" for this great YouTube video, and please visit his channel via.


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    • drspaniel profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year...

      True, however to keep your gold weapons, actually you're supposed to not prestige. Otherwise you will lose them.

    • Omnivium profile image


      6 years ago

      I don't see the point in prestiging. No one needs 10 classes and golden weapons.


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