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Monster High Dance Class Dolls - Operetta, Howleen, Robecca & Lagoona

Updated on October 10, 2012

On this page we are taking a look at the new line of Dance Class Monster High dolls. We will take a close look at the four new dolls we will be getting and also tell you about the price and release date for the new Dance Class line. If you are a big fan of Monster High and want to keep up to date with all the latest information then this page is for you.

Monster High has been around for a good few years now. Mattel are the company behind the toys and they have created a whole brand based around a simple cartoon series. The ghouls of Monster High are now the hottest thing on the toy market and kids the world over are really into collecting the new characters that Mattel keep bringing out. Over the past few years there has been a flood of new dolls and new characters released and the latest new release is going to be under the theme ‘Dance Class’. So let’s take a look at the ghouls that are going to be involved and tell you a little bit about each one.

Dance Class Howleen & Robecca

The New Dance Class Monster High Dolls

So the first thing we can tell you about this new range is that there are going to be four dolls released. When it comes to release date we are expecting them to be in stores late 2012, in fact there are already a few showing up online which shows that they are starting to enter circulation. So fans will be happy to know that you should be able to pick these up well in time for Christmas. So now let’s take you through the four new dolls.

Lagoona Blue - One of the most popular ghouls at school and a doll we have already seen several versions of over the past few years. Lagoona Blue is of course the daughter of the sea monster and she originates from Australia. Lagoona here is performing classic ballet and she is wearing a nice little black/red dress with red ballet shoes. Overall a nice looking version of the doll.

Operetta - The daughter of the Phantom of the Opera, Operetta is another ghoul we are well familiar with and have seen plenty of dolls based on. In this theme she is said to be dancing to swing music. The doll sees Operetta wearing a black dress with a knee length skirt that fans out and has a spider web pattern on it. She is wearing white platform shoes and comes with a purple spotted handkerchief tied into her hair.

Howleen Wolf - One of the daughters of the werewolf and younger sister to Clawd and Clawdeen, Howleen Wolf is a character we don’t see all that often. This is the second time she has made an appearance as a doll the first being in the Campus Stroll line which came out early 2012. For Dance Class Howleen is listening to Hip Hop as she gets her moves on. She wears short black pants with purple and blue patterns and a little pale blue top. Her bright red hair looks really good with this version of the doll.

Robecca Steam - One of the more recent characters to be included at Monster High is Robecca Steam and she is the daughter of a robot. Her character is performing tap dance and she comes wearing a nice looking purple dress. She also has a purple little hand bag which comes with the set.

Operetta & Lagoona

The Monster High Dolls Move Forward

Since the Monster High theme first came into being Mattel have been keen to push the story forward. At first there was just a basic core of characters such as Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Cleo De Nile, Draculaura and a few more. Since then though there have been several new ghouls introduced to the story. We have seen new boyfriends come along and even new teachers. All the while Mattel keep pumping out new online episodes to keep people interested and they also bring out a few TV specials.

One of the latest new TV specials is said to be Scaris, City Of Frights. In this show some of the ghouls travel to Scaris which is the hometown of Rochelle Goyle. While in Scaris they meet up with two new friends Jinafire Long and Skelita Calaveras. Jinafire is the daughter of a Chinese Dragon and Skelita is the daughter of a Mexican skeleton. We are assuming that these two new ghouls will head back and become part of the regular Monster High storyline. As you would expect Mattel are bringing out a line of dolls that will be based on this new story, they will be the travel assortment dolls and we will see Frankie Stein, Clawdeen, Rochelle and the two new characters Jinafire and Skelita all released in doll form. We may also see a few other characters we are familiar with brought out in doll form.

At some point in the future there are rumours of a Ghouls Alive line of dolls. These will include dolls such as Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf and Spectra Vondergeist. These dolls are said to have special things they can do which make them seem to come alive. So we are told that Clawdeen can howl and Spectra can glow. Something that should be really interesting to see if these do get a release sometime early 2013.

The new Dance Class Monster High dolls do look like being really good. The theme in itself is nothing overly special but it’s nice that we are getting dolls of Howleen and Robecca which is not something we often see. When these dolls become widely available chances are that fans will be looking to get their hands on them as quickly as possible. With more new releases planned by Mattel in the coming months the list of Monster High dolls really is getting very long indeed.


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    • profile image

      catherine 4 years ago

      I really want a caterine DeMew doll!!!

    • profile image

      jennifer 5 years ago

      I am HUGE monster high fan . I wish I had a Jinafire Long doll