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Moonlight Dating Sim walkthrough

Updated on May 16, 2010

Here is a walkthrough for the flash game Moonlight Dating Sim by nummyz. You play as a half-vampire girl, and can choose your own fate. There's a few different characters you can talk to and 8 different endings. Will Jenna save the world, or give in to your bloodlust and feed on humans?

Ahoy, there be spoilers!

You'll have to earn gold from monsters if you don't use a cheat code (see below) for several of the endings. It's too simple a system to cover in this walkthrough. Endings can be reached by talking to people several times and resting afterwards.

Annej: One of the easiest of all endings for Jessica Moonlight. Talk with her and buy her the cheap item in the shop, the vial of blood is her secret present. There's a second ending if you bite her enough. Secret presents are all in the shop.

Mobley: Another easy one. He'll let you satisfy your psychic vampire thirst on him if you must, but don't go overboard. It won't end the game... Mobley will die.

Logan the Hunter: You'll get another unique ending if Jessica Moonlight bites him enough like Annej. Don't give into the blood prince and the blood pond!

There are other endings. I'm not going to be writing them here because people have been copying this page on sites like Adam Tavangaran on ehow. I have no idea why... they could find this stuff out easier if they played the game themselves,

Need more help? Try the Moonlight Dating Sim cheat codes. Have you played the game yet? It's very simple (point and click) and anyone can master it easily.


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