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Minecraft NPC Mod, Creeps and Weirdos

Updated on June 3, 2011

The More Creeps and Weirdos Minecraft NPC Mod is perhaps the most inspired Minecraft mod that ever existed. It lifts NPC mods to a new plane of existence and in doing so it has earned a special place in my heart. Have I written about it before? Yes, but the older version of this mod is primitive indeed compared to the delights of the newer version, which has been faithfully updated to be compatible with Minecraft Beta 1.6.6.

This isn't just another Minecraft NPC mod and it's certainly not the NPC mod most people have in mind when they go searching for NPCs to populate their lonely worlds. If you're looking for a village of NPCs who will grind tirelessly in industry, reproducing and upgrading their humble abodes, then you should have a look at the Millenaire mod. If you're looking for a single female companion, then the Minecraft Girlfriend Mod might be more your up of tea. I've compiled a list of alternative NPC mods here, so if what you're about to see disturbs you, you can retire to those friendlier, more intuitive mods.

More Creeps and Weirdos is, quite frankly, creepy and weird. Install More Creeps and Weirdos and you'll be pursued by an oversized letter G, like a Sesame Street inspired nightmare. You'll be pursued by aliens who do not come in peace, you'll be confused by Blorp birds, who seem harmless enough, but nevertheless have a certain menace about them. You'll be able to build an army of adorable guinea pigs, level them up and send them on missions from your guinea pig command center. When they have earned it by their deeds and actions, you can use a diamond to create a guinea pig hotel. Really. The More Creeps and Weirdos mod is the closest thing I've ever found to realizing the dream. If you're not familiar with, it's worth paying it a visit. A more uplifting and inspiring site does not exist on the great wide Internet.

My favorite mob was always the thief mob. Thieves are plentiful and they think nothing of sneaking up behind you and stealing your diamond sword. The giggle they emit as they make away with it is quite delightful and it is almost a pity to have to chase them down and end them for the affront of having mugged one in broad daylight.

Installing and Playing More Creeps and Weirdos

The first thing you must know about this mod is that it will not tolerate being played on peaceful. This is a mod that thrives on danger. If you play on peaceful none of the mobs, even the peaceful ones, will spawn.

More Creeps and Weirdos requires Mod Loader and Audio Mod. These are not stringent requirements, most mods these days require at least Mod Loader and the Audio Mod allows you to hear the preachings of the crazed preacher and the squealing of the guinea pigs and the blorping of the blorp birds.

Download More Creeps and Weirdos!


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