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Most Expensive Vintage Metal kid's Lunch Box - 1954 Superman Tin Lunchbox

Updated on August 4, 2012

1954 Superman Lunchbox - Rarest and Most Valuable

Vintage lunch box collectors are not surprised that the tin metal 1954 Superman kid's lunch box by Universal - Superman and Robot, was the most expensive old lunchbox on the market. A 2003 record price of $11,500 was topped in 2010 by a record-setting auction sale of $11,865!

Of course, this was the lunch box everyone wanted, but even other, more recent Superman lunchboxes can sell for $400 to $3000.

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1954 Superman Lunch Box
1954 Superman Lunch Box

The first Superman Lunch Box

The very first Superman lunch box was released by Universal in 1954. It was the iconic rectangular tin metal lunch box with a generic "Universal Thermos Bottle" thermos. The lithograph Superman designs, as well as the generic Universal thermos were by Landers, Frary & Clark, under their "Universal" trademark. Universal produced lunch boxes from 1954 to 1963.

Like the famous "Honus Wagner" baseball cards, the 1954 Superman vs. Robot metal lunch box is the one most collectors hope to find. The front of the box depicts a flying superman and a gold-colored robot standing over the city with "ray beams" shooting from its eyes. The back of the box has three scenes; superman breaking chains, superman rescuing an airplane, and superman shattering a brick wall. The side panels were red with yellow etchings of superman and the superman logo.

1954 Superman and Robot Lunch Box by Universal

Higest Priced Superman Tin Metal Lunch Box Auctions

Vintage lunch box collectors are used to seeing auction prices in the hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, but a 1954 Superman lunch box set a new high when one rated as "only" good condition sold for $11,500 in a Mastronet Co. auction in 2003. And the price went even higher in 2010 when a near-mint condition Superman vs. Robot lunch box sold for $11,865 in a Phillip Weiss auction that was dominated by online bidders.

This sale made the 1954 Superman lunch box by Universal the most expensive vintage metal lunch box ever sold.

More Vintage Superman Lunch Boxes

Not all vintage metal superman lunch boxes sell for thousands of dollars. Age and condition are primary considerations. For instance another of the 1954 Superman vs. Robot recently sold on ebay for less than $400. Mainly because it was in terrible condition. On the other hand, newer versions of Superman lunch boxes have also sold for hundreds of dollars.

And superman isn't the only high-dollar lunch box collectors want. A quick look at ebay reveals a wide range of popular character lunch boxes selling for as high as $1600.

Lunch box collectors have learned that with the exception, perhaps, of conventions and private contacts - ebay is the #1 go to spot to find the best selections and prices of vintage collectible metal lunch boxes.

And with ebay's new buyer protections and guarantees, they have found their purchases to be as safe and satisfying as any they could make in person.

Here is a look at vintage superman lunch boxes available on ebay right now!


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