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Munchkin Review: Star Munchkin 2 - The Clown Wars

Updated on September 24, 2015

Brief Synopsis

Why ruin a good thing? The core deck of the Star Munchkin series was solid and very well balanced. This expansion could have simply added supplementary cards, but some of the new features, especially the new 'Room' cards, can spoil some of the experience.

New Door Cards: Rooms

Exclusive only to Star Munchkin and this expansion (probably because they suck and are confusing), are Room cards. Rooms are basically effect cards, but with immediate purposes. Fighting a monster from everyone's hand, either losing headgear, fighting a monster, or death or something, and it's all just confusing and irritating. I feel that this was the first attempt at creating Dungeon cards but it failed most horribly.

There's some more bad guys, but they're not overly interesting or particuarly challenging or anything.

Character Modifiers

This expansion adds a new Race and a new Class. The new Race, Bug, merely exists to give you better access to other Race and Class cards....meaning this card is made simply for replacing itself. Who came up with this idea? I have no idea, but the Bug card does absolutely nothing for you aside from equipping some new gear and that's not a card worthy of creating.

The Class, the Space Ranger, can force someone else to help them, in exchange for the rewards. Since I consider Treasure cards more valuable than Levels on average, this doesn't make any sense at all. It's shooting yourself in the foot in order to wiggle a toe, in my opinion. They can access some items that others can't, but just use a Cheat! cards or don't bother; they're not that fantastic.

Treasures and Helpers

Frankly, the best (and only useful) thing to get out of this expansion is the additional -aser cards. Make your favorite weapon even bigger!

Of course, there are some new items that allow the new Race and Class some respective gear, including the Bug only -aswer weapon, but if you get the chance to draw one of the original Race or Class cards, you'll want to do that. Just take advantage of any Cheat! cards you get in order to access some of these other cards you might like, although none of them seem really powerful to begin with. You're more than likely to get your hand full of +1 and +2 weapons and gear.

Personal Thoughts

Some of the items are nice and a handful of non-unique effect cards are fully playable, but that means this expansion adds next to nothing of use to the original deck. It unbalanced some of the character cards and adds more fluff cards, meaning you can be playing with +1 and +2 item cards for longer than you'd like. It's not the worst expansion of all the Munchkin expansion, but an argument can be made that the Core Star Munchkin deck is better off not mixing with this or any of its sequels, which is disappointing when considering the rich material that can be taken from a celestial-themed geekdom.

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More Munchkin

And that’s about all I have for the unnecessary expansion to Star Munchkin, a thematic deck that always looks better when it's by itself. Next time I'll be covering Star Munchkin: Spaceships (apparently there's a Star Munchkin 3: Diplomatic Impunity but I actually don't plan on getting that), where it adds a new resource for your character, similar to Steeds.

I've got plenty more Munchkin Custom Card Ideas! You can see a list of them here.Also, as I've spent far too money on numerous Munchkin decks and expansions, I can tell you which ones are worth it, which aren't, and why. The directory is found here.


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