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My Most Interesting Hobby

Updated on September 7, 2012

What is my most favorite hobby?

I'll have to think for a while before answering this question. The reason is that I have quite a few things on my list of favorites.

Well, I could say reading is my favorite pastime. Or better still, making a creative object out of what you may call ‘trash’ is something I would love to do. Wait, I know what I like to do the most in my spare time. Cleaning the house and assigning a proper place for all the things at home is my most favorite hobby.

It all started a few years ago when I began to feel a lack (not loss) of memory –the usual “don’t –remember- where- I kept -that” stuff- and wanted to become more organized. So I decided to clean up my house, dispensing with anything and everything I thought wasn’t necessary.


I started with the children's room. I was shocked to find it full of unnecessary things that my children weren't using anymore. I decided that I had to clear the room of the unwanted stuff so that there would be a lot of space for existing or new things. I began rummaging through the drawers clearing them of all the clutter and was happy to see the result once I finished.

Then it was the master bedroom that I literally invaded. I had a tough time cleaning it up removing the old stuff that had gone unnoticed all these days. Then it was the living room and then the kitchen. The guest room of course was already clean and free of clutter, so there was not much work for me to do there. Oh! I heaved a big sigh of relief at the end of it all.

I did succeed in eliminating the waste from the all the rooms and I was really surprised at the way things had gone for me. The house looked spic-and-span and had an all-new look to it. The family was amazed by the conspicuous change too. Everyone was happy.

Suddenly there was a question from one of the family members,”Hey, how did you get rid of the clutter? Where did you find place to dump so much of waste?” I had no intention to answer that very important question.



Everything in its place

It was sheer coincidence that some relatives were visiting us the following week. We decided to put them up in the guest room that was quite spacious. The day of their arrival came and we were sure that everything was going as per plan and that we would make their stay at our home a very pleasant one. Finally they arrived; they were all praise for the way the house looked and appreciated my aesthetic sense.

It was rather unfortunate (for me) that they needed an extra room if that was possible. Everyone was of the opinion that they could use the little room that was my ‘work room’ as it was needed only for a few days. I protested (in private of course) but in vain. My family members had already decided to clear the room a bit for the guests’ use.


Answer to 'the' question

It was at this moment that all their questions about the waste from cleaning the house were answered. My room was overflowing with all and sundry, all the clutter having gone into this little room which no one cared to enter.

This is the way my near and dear ones discovered that all the unwanted things had been dumped into my little work room because I had decided to use them ‘later’ for creating interesting things from them as that was another of my leisure activities. They had a good laugh over the entire issue. Of course the guests were explained that it was too small a room to occupy. Thankfully they never asked to see the room!


A lesson learned

After this episode I learned a good lesson. It is always better to have a regular hobby that would let you spend your leisure time usefully rather than one that you would plan later by dumping unwanted things transferring the clutter in your home from one place to another. I was quite happy by this realization after which I refrained from dumping junk items onto my work space for my 'future' hobbies.


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