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Nerf Longshot: Shoot Your Opponent With Precise Targeting

Updated on March 31, 2013
Nerf Longshot
Nerf Longshot

The Nerf Longshot CS-6 has been in the market for around five years now and yet it remains as one of the most popular Nerf guns ever. Just ask any Nerf Kids and you will find out that this will remain as the top choice for their Nerf Arsenal collection.

The Nerf Longshot is more than three feet long and thus, making it the longest blaster for its time. If features a foldable bipod, removable barrel and retractable stock. Out of the box, the Nerf Longshot can only shoots at the range of about 35 feet, just about the same as other smaller Nerf guns.

However, note that is the out of box range and this particular Nerf gun is specially designed for modification. Just a couple of simple changes and tweaking can make an incredible difference in its shooting performance. Most Nerf fans would have this Longshot modified and indeed, it is the easiest guns ever to modify.

This is a two in one blaster, where there's a pistol attached at the front. However, there are some negative responses from users, in which they say that this pistol attachment is pretty close to worthless. It has terrible shooting range and accuracy (well, it is meant for close shooting range) and so it is advisable that you take it off if not use. Give it away or hide it somewhere below your Nerf jacket as a spare blaster, this might be useful during a Nerf War!

Talking about modding the Nerf Longshot here's a feedback from a long time fan of Nerf:

Nerf Longshot is a little bit weak straight out of the box. I suspect that it was particular designed with modder in mind because there's not a single drop of glue anywhere. After removing the screws and open the case, the only thing that you need to do is add an extra spring. Not to worry about removing the restrictor, as you will get plenty of range with just the spring mod.(This is a paraphrased version of the original review by Tom Ahagne which could be found by clicking this link.)

If you prefer a video review, below is a superb one done by a Nerf fan.

Nerf Longshot Review


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