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Nerf Maverick: You Can't Go To A Nerf War Without A Maverick!

Updated on January 15, 2013
Nerf N-Strike Maverick
Nerf N-Strike Maverick

The Nerf N-Strike Maverick remains as one of the most popular Nerf Guns of all times. Some say that it is due to the cool design while others say that it simply because the Nerf Maverick is great. No Nerf War should start without it! Well, regardless of what people have to say about this weapon, you have better to check it out yourself since it is one of the best in the Nerf collection.

The coolest thing about Nerf Maverick is that it has a great fast loading time, which is essential during the battle. The gun comes with six darts that are incredibly quick to load without stopping you behind. On top of that, the loading drum can either be set to rotates for fast, rapid fire action or can be cocked back and used for single shootings only. This feature definitely gives you an extra advantage compares to your opponents. (Note for parents: Even though this fast action pack weapon can be shot accurately, but don't worry as the suction darts are 100% harmless.)

Nerf Maverick is perfect for side-arm style shooting experience, in which that means you can hold the gun sideways and firing comfortably without without giving up your agility. Fast and swift move is absolutely important during a Nerf battle. So if you've got a Nert Maverick on your side protecting you, you are already at an advantage. No one dare to take the risk blindly.

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As mentioned before, this gun comes with 6 foam darts and extra darts can be purchased separately if there is a need (you will, trust me). Six darts is not enough to endure a long Nerf battle, so you will need to keep some darts for backup and handy. Extras that you can purchase include the Sonic darts and Super Bright Glowing darts for some night time action.

The Nerf Maverick can be shot to a great distance and a lot of people have been able to get 15 feet or perhaps even more from this gun (Nerf claims that the Maverick is capable of shooting up to 30 plus feet). This is definitely a great distance for a Nerf gun and so it's perfect to be used in a battle that are close to mid range. Another cool feature about the Maverick is that it has a slide on light that could be attached to the top rail of the gun for night fun shooting. Got nothing to do at night, pick up the Maverick!

The Nerf Maverick is part of the N-Srike Team and so it is compatible with the Unity Power System. You can snap it onto the Unity Power System and which makes you invincible. This is a great system and you should consider getting one in your collection if you want to stay one step ahead against all manner of enemies.

Nerf Maverick
Nerf Maverick

Nerf's Unity Power System

Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Basic Blaster (3 Blasters in 1)
Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Basic Blaster (3 Blasters in 1)

Snap your Maverick with this system and become a destructible machine.


Nerf Maverick Review


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    it can shoot any darts teh maverick cna... OOH and add me on ROBLOX my user name is : Tiresomepieman