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New Fijit Friends Newbies - Buy Online Cheapest Prices

Updated on November 28, 2011

Today we are going to take a look at Fijit Friends Newbies. We will take a close look at the new toys, check out were to buy them cheap online, look at prices and basically tell you everything you need to know about Fijit Friends Newbies. These are very popular toys at the moment and so if your wondering where to get them online at the cheapest price we will also tell you about that.

Fijit Friends are a very popular range of toys that were released by Mattel in 2011. The toys were so well received that they decided to bring out a mini version of the toys, these are the Newbies. They are very similar to the original toys in that they are interactive but they are basically a lot smaller and hence cheaper. So let’s take a closer look at the new toys.

Meet The Newbies

All New Fijit Friends Newbies

As with the original set, there are four Fijit Friends Newbies. It is expected that Mattel will bring out more in the near future but at the moment there are four available. These are designed to be like pets for the larger Fijit Friends toys. You can buy these just on their own but they really work better if you have one of the original toys as well. So the four new characters are as follows…. Tia, Zia, Zinzi and Tika.

First of all then Tia, she is pink and has lovely ears that float out beside her head. She has four very short little legs that she squats on. Next up Zia, this one is a nice green color and has big floppy ears. Zinzi is without a doubt the brightest of the toys and comes in a bold yellow. Last but by no means least is little Tika, Tika comes in a nice purple color and again has very long floppy ears.

The design of each toy is slightly different and each has their own unique personality. What makes the new Fijit Friends Newbies really impressive is the way they interact. Similar to the larger toys they will sing and dance for you, however if you want that to be the case you need to love them and care for them. They also respond to the larger toys, they unlock responses in them and they will interact with each other if placed close together. Another excellent new feature is that if you put two of the Newbies together they will sing in time with each other.

Buy Fijit Friends Newbies Online

Buy Cheap Newbies Online

So if you like the look of these and want to buy them online, where is your best bet? Well as so often is the case Amazon seem to have a good stock of these, price wise they seem to average at around the $15 mark which is certainly very good value for what looks like being a really nice little toy. If you shop around you may be able to find them even cheaper. The prices of these may well increase as demand for them goes up near Christmas time. But for now they remain quite cheap and pretty good value.

As well as the Newbies you can still get the original four Fijit Friends. These have been massively popular since release and look like being one of the biggest sellers over Christmas. Sage, Willa, Serafina and Logan are all great fun and they will sing and dance away to keep your children entertained for hours. As these work even better when paired up with their Newbies pets they really would make an ideal present for the children over Christmas time.

As you can see Fijit Friends Newbies really are cute little toys that children will love. If you can buy these online for a cheap price they really are good value as they can provide hours of entertainment for children. It is expected that Mattel will bring out more Newbies in the near future and we will try and update this page when that does happen. For now though why not buy the whole gang and have a Fijit Friends party.


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