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New Fijit Friends Yippits - Release Dates, Prices, Buy Online

Updated on July 17, 2012

Today we are going to be taking a look at the new Fijit Friends Yippits. We will tell you all about the new Yippits and what exactly they can do plus we will look at release dates, prices and where you can buy online. If you are already a fan of the Fijit Friends then these new Fijit Friends Yippits will really impress you and this page should tell you everything you need to know.

At the back end of 2011 Fijit Friends hit the shops and caused quite a stir. The little dancing robots were massive sellers over the Christmas period and have since gone on to be one of the most popular kids toys on the market. The company behind the toys are Mattel, they wanted to build on the success of the original Fijits and so early in 2012 they brought out the Newbies. These are smaller versions of the toys which interact with the original versions. Now though Mattel are going one step further and bringing out the Fijit Friends Yippits. So let’s take a look at this new release.

Fijit Friends Yippits Arrive

Introducing Fijit Friends Yippits

The appeal of all the Fijit Friends characters is how interactive they are. The new Fijit Friends Yippits are no exception to that rule. In fact these seem to be the most interactive toys released to date. There are going to be four Yippits released and these are going to be called, Skippa who comes in blue, Patter who comes in pink, Scooch who is green and finally Plooki who is purple. The new Yippits are smaller than the original Fijits and yet larger than the Newbies. They have four little legs that they are perched on and have a large face which lights up. Each characters has large ears and a tail, these are designed to look quite similar to the other toys in the range.

The really clever thing about these new toys is just how interactive they are. There are lots of different functions that can be used, for example they have clap sensors, so if you clap your hands twice they will spin round and do a little dance. Each character comes with three songs programmed in, they will dance along as the music plays, each individual characters has their own unique songs as well so there is lots of variety. One thing that these toys are designed to do is promote learning and play. They actually come with ‘progressive play’ features. This basically means the more you play with the toy, the more features you will unlock.

One brand new feature of these is that they come with interactive games. Each characters has two games programmed in that your child can play along with. One of these will be a clapping game where you have to match the pattern performed by your Yippit and the other one is one where you have to tap lights that light up on the toy.

The most impressive aspect of all the Fijit Friends toys is the way that they interact with each other. So it will come as no surprise that the new Yippits will interact with other toys in the range. So put your Yippit character next to one of the original Fijit Friends and they will start talking to each other and dancing along. Mattel have been very clever in the fact that these new toys actually unlock new features in the original toys. So even if you bought a Fijit Friend back in 2011 there will still be functions in that toy that will not yet have been unlocked and you need the new Yippits to unlock those functions, a very clever move by Mattel.

The Fijit Family

Patter The Yippit

Release Dates, Prices & Buying Online

So the big question then is when can you get your hands on the new Fijit Friends Yippits? Well they are pencilled in for a release date of the fall 2012. At the moment we have no official exact release date but we are expecting it to be around September sometime. Obviously Mattel want to get these out in time for Christmas so they can repeat the success they had the previous year. When we know exactly when the Yippits are released we will update this page and let you know.

UPDATE - As so often happens with toys such as these, Mattel have brought the release forward and you can now get your hands on Yippits. They are available to buy online although people seem to be snapping them up quite quickly.

If you are wondering about price then the new Yippits are going to retail at around the $50 mark. So when it comes to price these are about middle of the range. The fact is though that if you want to buy a whole family of these toys then it can get quite costly. The original toys cost upwards of $50 and the Newbies are usually around $16. One of the clever things that Mattel have done with this toy is really show children how much better the toys perform if they buy additional ones, so kids are never happy with just one Fijit, they always seem to want more.

Last year we saw a real rush to buy Fijit Friends. By Christmas all the stores seemed to be out of these toys and the prices online started shooting ever higher. So if you are planning on buying one or more of these toys then we suggest you get in there early. This is probably one of the reasons why Mattel have brought them out a little earlier than we first expected. You can buy these online for a reasonable price if you shop around a little and if you make sure you buy at the right time you can pick up a real bargain.

Now that Fijit Friends Yippits are available it is becoming evident just how popular these are going to be over the coming months. As far as interactive toys go these really are the best available in this particular price range. With all the new features these characters have they are sure to light up the faces of children all over the world. If you already have some of the older toys you can unlock lots of new content with these and grow your Fijit family. It will be interesting to see if Mattel bring out any more new Fijits in the future. If you are wondering what exactly to buy your children over Christmas 2012 then you won’t go far wrong with the new Fijit Friends Yippits.


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