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Nintendo Wii is dangerous

Updated on November 14, 2010

Wii bad

I remember around autumn of 2006, I was watching CNN and apparently they were talking about the new video game called Nintendo WII. It looks way different from the new Playstation 3 and the XBOX 360, the Nintendo Wii’s style of play is getting players active towards the game. CNN was analyzing the video game Nintendo Wii and had three young gamers to test the new Playstation 3, XBOX 360 and Nintendo WII. First, the kids tested out the PS3 and the XBOX. They did not have a lot of feedbacks towards the two consoles because they knew what they were expecting out of them. Since they were new, they were pretty much impressed of the game’s graphics. The colorings and the game resolutions made games from both consoles much more real. However, once they tried the Wii, the kid’s attitude changed. They were sitting down when they were playing the PS3 and the XBOX but they had to stand up and actually get into the game as if they were really in the game playing. The kids got to play some sports games like baseball, tennis, golf, and boxing. The outcome was that the kids choose the Nintendo Wii because was more fun because you actually have to get involved in the game, it was new to them. Instead of the usual sitting down and playing games, with Nintendo Wii you acutally have to sweat. On the other hand, little did we know that Nintendo Wii is such an interest game but yet can be a danger.

The first time that I saw the Nintendo Wii, I thought it was a really smart video game. It totally sets different from the PS3 and the Xbox due to the fact of the different types of controls and how it is used. The fact that Wii offers players to be involved on the games that they play it’s a new thing in video gaming. I was for sure wanted one because it looked pretty cool and fun to play. When it first came out, I did want a PS3 but it looked so big and the price of so much that it cost much more than a normal laptop. The asking price for a Wii was at least around 200 Euros while the Xbox was at around 400 and the PS3 was around 500- 600 Euros. Since the Xbox and PS3 came out first to be sold in the market, the both consoles were pretty much even. Gamers would actually have the choice of either buying an Xbox or a PS3 this is because both consoles would be the same, from graphics, to games. Xbox and PS3 were not actually competing in the gaming world because they were so identical. But when the Nintendo Wii hit the market of 2006, Xbox and PS3 had found their competition.

Nintendo Wii is a lot smaller in shape than the bigger consoles of PS3 and the Xbox. You can fit the Wii into any bag even in a woman’s purse probably. With a rectangular controller shape it was not that heavy to carry or to handle. The console came with a free video game which was Wii games that had tennis, golf, boxing, baseball, bowling and some other games that tested your handling skills. It’s pretty interest. Even though the graphics of Nintendo Wii are like cartoons, the best thing about it is that we do not have to play Wii sitting down. The console really wants the Wii gamers to stand for some games that needed to be stand up especially the tennis, golf, baseball, boxing and bowling game. Wii gamers needs to be active, the console wants its games to have a feel like as if they were in the video game.

Within the first few months, everyone was buying Wii. The prices of decent, it was a lot cheaper than the PS3 and the Xbox and everyone wanted to play the Wii sports games that came with the package. The Wii sports were a great hit because it came with it and it was a lot of fun when you get to play with friends. I remember the first time I was I tried playing Wii. At first, I was amazed by the way it was played. Having a controller that you get to swing around, it would act as a golf club or a baseball bat or a sword or an airplane stick or a gun. That was amazing. However, there was a downside to the Nintendo Wii. Everyone knew the dangers of the Wii controllers. Since the controllers were being swing around, the creators of Wii had to install wristbands at the end of each controller to fit into one’s wrist in order for the controller not slip or fly out of the gamers’ hands. Before you would play any games, Wii had warned every gamer to put on the wristband to prevent any accident that may be caused by the controllers. For the first timers, you would pay attention to the little details of being careful and just care on with the game not knowing what may happen. On your mind, you ask yourself, what can really happen when playing a video game?

Well, once you see the warning sign, you ask yourself that question. And the imagination of playing a video game gone wrong does not really register in our brains because we are all use to playing video games sitting down, and it’s rare to play video games standing and moving around. You would know that there’s nothing going wrong. The video games are fine but it’s the controllers that are the problem with Wii. Once you grip on those controllers, you would noticed that its light and not heavy but once you get into the game, and once you start swinging the controllers you may feel as if you were not even holding on to them and that will cause the controllers to fly because you have lost grip. The wristband at the end of the controller is not that much help. If no one pays attention to the warning at the beginning of every game then the controllers will be a danger. Even though you have tighten the wristband, you never know how strong it is and no one do really like tighten the wristband because controller movement is at the wrist. If you tighten it up, it can be a big bother for Wii gamers. So people would just put it on and not tighten it which may be still be a danger due to the fact that it can still fly out of your hands.

The other problem is the swinging of the controller. If you’re using the controller as a bat, a racket, as a bowling ball or a golf club, every player plays as if they are really swinging those items. Even though, you have the wristband on and have a tight grip on the controller, at some point the controller will manage to slip off, if not careful. I know friends that actually have broken Wii controllers because they were not careful. I had a close call, it was baseball playing the pitcher, I thought that if you threw as hard as you can the ball would go faster. So I wide up a pitch acted as if I was throwing a fast ball then suddenly I dropped the controller even with the wristband loosely snipping, the controller dropped to the ground but did not break because the floor was coated with carpet. The controller would have been in pieces if it was a hard floor. Besides the Wii controllers break easily because it’s plastic. They should have inserted some sort of rubber behind the controller for a much better grip so that it will not slip out of someone’s hands.

In fact, there are many videos of Wii gamers make a huge mess while playing Wii. Each video the damage would put the blame on the controller. If there was a broken TV, broken glasses, broken windows, or someone getting punched in the face, it’s the Wii controller’s fault. You would not get problems like this with PS3 and Xbox because the gamers are sitting on their asses. For sure, they will get ass burns and become couch potatoes for playing videos but there are no dangers involved. It is a great idea for Nintendo Wii to allow gamers to experience virtual gaming by getting gamers involved in the game, but video games should not be dangerous. Wii is fun playing, they even have games where you can exercise and do yoga or do some in home running. A friend of mine bought the Wii yoga exercise pad and he thought that he was getting in shape until one day was doing that virtual running game and he fell flat on his ass because he was running on his own sweat and slipped. Then at some point he would have pains on his left wrist because of all the hard swinging and movement of the wrist. As a result, he sold his Nintendo Wii to one of his co-works and went and bought a PS3. He told me that he got bored of it and he was suffering from too much wrist pains and the games were not as interesting as you play them. It’s a good thing I never bought one because I too would get bored of it. 

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