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Wii Controller Attachments

Updated on February 13, 2008

Nintendo Wii

Released in 2006, the Nintendo Wii has proven itself a hit among gamers. The controllers are wireless, which makes for easier gaming.

What makes the Wii game controllers different, is that you're always using either the Wii Remote or the Wii Numchuck, or both. But, you can put them in special attachments to improve your game.

Each attachment has a special compartment where you will insert the remote and/or the numchuk to help you through the game.

Wii Zapper

The Wii Zapper is a gun that allows you to insert the Wii Remote and Nunchuk into either end and play compatible games. The Nunchuck controls the player's movement, while you are able to use the Wii Zpper to target characters on screen.

You will, also, recieve Link's Crossbow Training to help familiarize yourself with the Zapper in a shooting game. Link's Crossbow Training contains three styles- target shooting, defender, and ranger.

Wii GameBlaster Light Gun

The Wii GameBlaster is compatible with all light gun and 1st player shooting games.

The attachment features a rotatin barrel that allows for complete control.

The design of the attachment is for either left or right handed players.

Attach your Wii Remote to the front of the light gun.

Wii Infrared Laser Magnum Gun

Place your Wii Remote to the top of this Magnum Attachment, and start playing. The infrared laser gun is palm fitted, lightweight, and features a smooth grip, to allow you a more comfortable playing.

Never point the laser directly into someone's eyes.

Pool Stick for Wii

This pool stick is designed to fit the mold of the conventional pool sitck. It is 26.5 inches long, giving you an authentic feel.

Attach your Wii Remote to the handle of the stick, and start playing.

The tip of the pool stick is covered with rubber to prevent any harm in case someone is poked with it.

The attachment is lightweight, so to allow easier, longterm playing time.

Wii Airplane Navigator

The Wii Airplane Navigator will help you to easily navigate through the skies. With this controller, you will attach the nunchuck and the remote into the sides of the navigator, allowing you to truly be in the cockpit.

At the bottom of the Airplan Navigator, suction cups are situated in order to provide a clean, stable surface to place the stand.

The Wii Airplane Navigator allows for a new gaming experience that takes you virtually into the sky.

Wii Steering Wheel

Designed to give you the feel as though you're behind the wheel, the Wii Steering Wheel, is made for the true speed demon. You can use the steering whel for cars, motorcycles, skateboards, or skiing. Now you are able to easily maneuver through obstacles.

Wii Ultimate Action Pack

The Wii Action Pack includes the unique attachments for the Wii Remote that make gaming easier for you to when.

With this gaming pack you recieve a:

  • Baseball bat
  • Golf club
  • Tennis racket
  • Zelda's Z Sword

Wii Grand Slam Sports Pack, Magnum Gun and Gladiator Kit

The Wii Grand Slam Sports Pack is fully equipped with:

  • Tennis racket
  • Baseball bat
  • Golf club
  • Steering wheel
  • Clear remote cover
  • Wrist strap

As a part of this pack, you will also, recieve:

  • Wii Magnum Gun
  • Wii Gladiator Kit

This pack is built for the ultimate multi-sports lover.

The Wii Remote Control fits nicely into each of these attachments. So, with the remote secured, you can freely play the game of your choice, giving the game a more real feel.

With the Magunun Gun you will be able to kill any enemy in your path. The gun give an authentic feel to the game, but in reality it doesn't resemble a real gun. Once, you secure in the remote, you are ready to aim and shoot.

The Wii Gladiator Kit allows you to defend your way through various role playing games. The kit includes two- 16 inch swords and a shield protector.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      very good site

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Thanks! Without this list, I would've forgotten about the nunchuck!


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