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Online Airport Simulation Games

Updated on March 22, 2011


Can you keep your costumers happy while prospering the airport company´s profit? On the Online Airport Simulation Games presented here you're chosen to manage your new airport with tasks ranging from track maintenance, marketing through celebrities, managing the passport/baggage departments growth along with company's among other tasks.

Airport Tycoon

This game gives you a simple interface with simple economy system on the background. In your tasks you're having to: pay the track maintenance, build new ones; upgrading your cafes and shops along with the consumers wishes you´re told, upgrade the baggage or the passport department in order to keep an adequate passenger flow capacity, buy new routes/destinations and hire celebrities to promote your airport.

The main factors of growth are the number of tracks (in a maximum of 3) and the number of routes. So when you're saving money to invest in any of these two, prepare for invest right after in most of the other things said in the paragraph above to keep the travelers happy.

Airport Tycoon (by AddictingGames)

On the other hand, if you prefer an airport management game with few more action between the money, i would suggest this other Airport Tycoon. With this one, you´re given goals to grow your company along the game, which also helps you finding the game in the whole. The goals range from number of passengers, number of routes, planes or money in the bank. Besides the goals, this game also gives you the opportunity to manage the airport terminal yourself, moving the equipment and amenities inside of it and also buying new. Other thing this game differs from the first is the management of the planes, where you can choose an airplane model and even buy upgrades. (although, only one of the planes are ready to buy, the others, and all the upgrades need real money to be bought). And of course, you can buy new destinations to serve depending on your company's financial availability.


Running your company's for profit requires you to select the passengers to each plane by yourself and then choose a route to the airplane (or the previous used one), needing constant attention to get good ratings from the passengers.

Offline Game

If you prefer playing games from your computer (instead playing them on the internet) you have an option. That's:

Airport Tycoon 3

Released on 2003, October, this is the most recent airport management simulator available. The complexity here is much higher when compared with the online games above but also simulates the reality on a much more real way. Although, the game-play is very weak, and the game bores a lot.

As in any Tycoon game, you're given land and big amounts of capital so you can start your business.

The first things to build are the runway, a terminal and all the support structures you're told before opening your airport to the public. After this, your taks goes from negotiating master contracts for airport usage to the upgrade of facilities, consctruction of new runways or even make some deals with hotels and retail chains for greater user satisfaction and profit. As you can see, this game as a lot to teach you about real airport business.


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