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Mcdonalds Game

Updated on March 22, 2011


The Mccdonalds Game was created in 2006 with the purpose of informing the company´s young consumers (mostly) of how Mccdonalds hamburgers are made and showing several aspects of the fast food business while entertains the player. Also, it´s possible to learn the costs of this industry on the environment and the society.

The Hamburger Business
The Hamburger Business

How to run the business

Having seen the picture below in order to grow your burger empire you must assure the following:

  • Buy & Plant soy fields to feed the cows with
  • Buy and raise cows on the pasture
  • Be sure that feedlot has enough food for the animals (planting more soy, or using dirty "tricks")
  • Hire your team to attend your costumers on the store

With this you are ready to begin earn money, but i would make personal suggestions to keep your company out of problems:

  • Use genetic modified soil to ensure enough cow food
  • add hormones in cow´s food for faster growing
  • Use the PR office to corrupt a nutritionist, the health officer, the climatologist and the politician to keep the consumer´s complains under control
  • Invest in one or two marketing campaigns, which can be aimed for certain consumer group angrier with the company
  • Corrupt the city major, where your fields are located near and use them to reduce the cows per field (to improve the field fertility degradation)

Done this your business is almost running by itself.

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To learn from the game

The McDonald's Game shows you several aspects aspects from the business background that big company's like itself, Burger King, etc must use to keep the business prospering through this complex economy.


Beginning with the PR Office: Nutritionists, Health Officers, Climatologists and Politicians may be corrupt to hide the more catastrophic consequences of your business on public health, with this food making people fattier and more likely to have cancer at some point of their lives, the environmental problems from the agriculture processes required to feed this huge industry aggravating the global worm, the biodiversity; and finally, the Politics which have loads of pressure from this trillionaire industry to satisfy their needs.


And now the marketing, where the company's department promote some sort of philanthropy or a good cause for bigger sales. Obviously, this is current in the business word, although Mcdonalds, due to it's size, produces very well known campaigns this way.Some of the campaigns , like the food pyramid, to aid the obese people better choosing their daily eating habits and therefore, having them and anti-obesity GNO's happy; social causes for the third world, helping the poor/starving people from Africa, letting the Anti-Globalization GNO's happy. As you can see, there are plenty of ways this kind of company has to promote their products using the good causes.

Play Mccdonalds Game

Anyway, hope you liked my tips and have fun!

Mccdondalds Game!


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