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How To Win Plague Inc. Easily

Updated on August 11, 2015

What Is Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is a fun, highly addictive game by Ndemic Creations for Android and iOS.

The aim of the game is to wipe out the population of Earth using a Plague. There are different plague levels to play through each of which I will talk about in this article.

The Levels of Plague Inc.


The most common cause of a Plague. It has unlimited potential.


A rapidly mutating pathogen that is very hard to control.


Fungal spores find it hard to travel long distances without special effort.


The Parasitic lifestyle prevents DNA alteration from every day infection.


A slow, subtle and extremely complex pathogen that hides inside the brain.


An out of control microscopic machine that has a built in kill switch.


An extremely deadly pathogen that kills everything it touches.

There are other special levels as well which I will write about as I play them.

A Basic Plague Inc. Strategy

There is a basic strategy you can follow for most of the levels that will get you on the road to winning the game. This Strategy is quite simple to follow and remember.


Choose a country to start

There are two really good options:

  1. Greenland (Cold)
  2. India (Hot)

Choosing Greenland is a great option as it can be hard to infect otherwise.

China is also a country that many player find works well.

Choosing how it is transmitted

This is important for it to spread around the world

The best options to start are

  1. Water
  2. Air

You should evolve the water transmission first especially if you started on Greenland as this allows the Plague to travel on ships. The air transmission allows it to travel on planes.

Choosing Abilities

At first all you need to do is get the Plagues drug resistance up as far as you can. This is to stop rich countries being able to treat it with antibiotics.

It is also recommended that you choose the heat or cold resistance to help it along. If you started in a Cold Country evolve the Heat resistance. If you started in a Hot Country evolve the Cold resistance.

Choosing Symptoms

It now time to decide what you Plague does to its victims. It can be tempting to go all out with the symptoms but it is not practical. You need to start small and unnoticeable as you don't want them detecting you and researching a cure to early.

My Recommendations

  • Cough
  • Insomnia
  • Paranoia
  • Sneezing

Evolve the Insomnia and Paranoia symptoms first as your Plague will spread without needing the victims to cough or sneeze. The Paranoia symptom is great is it means victims are less likely to seek help.

Choosing the Coughing and Sneezing symptoms will cause your Plague to become more noticeable and as such should not be used to early on in some of the levels. But it is this branch you should follow for the fatal symptoms once you have infected everyone.

Using Gene Modifiers in the Paid Version

What Are Gene Modifiers?

Gene Modifiers are power-ups you earn as you play through the game. They can only be used in the paid edition of Plague Inc.

What Do Gene Modifiers Do?

Each gene modifier makes the game easier of harder in its own way. There are 25 in total and 5 to choose from in five separate categories. You can only choose one Gene Modifier per category and must have unlocked it.

Travel Genes


Increases chance of the plague spreading by land.


Increases chance of the plague spreading by sea.

Native Biome

Increases plagues infectivity in starting country.


Increases chance of the plague spreading by air.


Makes it easier for the plague to cross a closed land border.

DNA Genes

ATP Boost

This gives you bonus DNA at the start of the game.

Metabolic Jump

This gives you more DNA when you pop the red bubbles.

Cytochrome Surge

This gives you more DNA when you pop the orange bubbles.

Metabolic Hijack

This pops the red and orange bubbles for you.

Catalytic Switch

This gives you bonus DNA for popping the blue bubbles.

What do you think of Plague Inc?

4.4 out of 5 stars from 7 ratings of Plague Inc.

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