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Power Craft - Automatic Mining Minecraft Mod

Updated on June 6, 2012

Mighty Pork's Power Miner is a Minecraft mod that is very unique and innovative, and relatively simple to use as well. Power Miner is an industrial mod, which means that it is a mod designed to create, craft, and produce a certain effect, item, or block over and over again. It is great for automatic farming of resources. Power Miner requires Risugami's ModLoader to work properly; ModLoader is a mod installation tool that will ensure that Power Miner works properly on your computer.

While detailing the entire process of creating machines and factories that will farm, craft, smelt, and brew items for you would take a very long time, the author of the mod created a guide that will teach new users how to properly use this innovative mod. The download link to Power Craft can be found in that forum thread as well.

I really do like this mod, due to the fact that it allows for me to automatically generate resources that I can use to create anything that I want. It makes making giant Minecraft creations or pieces of art much easier. However, it does alter game play quite a bit, and playing the game stops feeling like Minecraft to me. Overall, I would rate this mod 4/5 for its ease of use and relatively easy to understand recipes, but knocking it down just one point because it doesn't alter the game play in a way that really gels well with Minecraft, in my opinion.

On a scale from 1-5, how would you rate Power Miner?

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