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Power Ghouls Monster High Dolls - Release Date & News

Updated on January 30, 2013

Today we are going to be taking a look at the new Power Ghouls dolls from Monster High. Will we review the four new dolls that are being released, tell you how much they cost and where you can get hold of them. Plus we will give you the official release date for the new Power Ghouls line of dolls. If you are a fan of Monster High then you should really like this new release from Mattel. These dolls really do look good and we are sure fans all over the world will want to get their hands on them.

Monster High first came on the scene around three years ago. Since then it has become a world wide phenomenon and the company behind the dolls, Mattel, could not have foreseen just how popular these dolls would become. The dolls have their very own TV show and new episodes come out every week. At first there were just a few ghouls at the Monster High school, over time though we have met lots of new characters. In the past three years there have been scores of dolls brought out and often they have a specific theme to them. The latest Monster High release is Power Ghouls and four new dolls are coming out. So let’s take a look at them now.

Spectra Vondergeist - PolterGhoul

Monster High Power Ghouls Are Here

So as we have already mentioned there are going to be four new dolls in the Power Ghouls line. These are all based on Super Heroes and each character will have her own name and her own Super Hero alias. The release date for these dolls was early January, so as the release date has been and gone you can now pick these up online and in a few stores, although they do seem to be quite hard to get hold of. The price of these tends to average at around the $30 mark although you may be able to get them a little cheaper if you shop around online. It is unclear as to whether Mattel will bring out more dolls in this range at a future date, but if we hear anything we will update our page and let you know. So now then, let’s introduce you to each of the new dolls.

Spectra Vondergeist - PolterGhoul

So first up then is a very well known character indeed, Spectra Vondergeist. Spectra is of course the daughter of a ghost and she floats around the halls at Monster High keeping all the students on their toes. This doll comes with the name PolterGhoul and is based on Super Girl. As you can see from the picture of the doll Spectra comes in a pink and purple costume. She has a pink mask across her face and there is a sort of cape made from ropes coming down from her arms.

Spectra also has a little silver chain belt with a small globe hanging down from it. As she is supposed to represent Super Girl we are assuming she is supposed to be able to fly. This doll really does look like being a good one and one that people are going to be eager to add to their collections.

Clawdeen As Wonder Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf Doll - Wonder Wolf

The second on our list is Clawdeen Wolf who comes dressed as Wonder Wolf. This character is obviously based on Wonder Woman and she really does look the part. The most obvious similarity is the little round shield she holds, as does Wonder Woman. Clawdeen’s shield is a gold color with a purple flash on it. As is often the case her outfit consists of lime green and purple. She wears long gold boots that come up to just below her knees and she also has little pink bands around her arms.

The motto on the box for this doll is ‘A Howling Force For Justice’ which we like. Clawdeen’s dark hair is a little bit wild with this doll and it is kept in place with some green ribbon. Over the years we have seen various Clawdeen dolls released and as we know she was one of the original characters that first came out. Of all the dolls we have seen of Clawdeen we would say this is probably one of the better ones, it’s nice that Mattel are trying something a little bit different. Also included with this doll are a brush and a basic stand which tends to come with most Monster High dolls that you buy these days.

Frankie The Voltageous

Frankie Stein - The Voltageous

Next up is probably the most well known ghoul at school. Frankie Stein is where the story originally started all those years back, she was the first ghoul we were introduced to and she has been an important part of the story ever since. For the Power Ghouls line of dolls Frankie Stein is The Voltageous and her character is based on The Flash. She comes with a very impressive costume that features lots of lightning bolts all over it. She wears a tight fitting metallic suit and she has several lightning strikes coming out of her back which kind of fan out from under her arms.

She also has a blue head piece with more lightning on it and some fabulous little blue earrings. Her long silver boots also have blue lightning bolts coming out of them from the top and bottom where her heel is. He hair is straight and looks really good and her makeup is a little bit blue and really looks very striking. This is superb example of a Frankie doll and one that is very different to all the previous dolls we have seen of her in the past. As is the norm this one also comes with a brush and doll stand, this looks like being a very much sought after one that people will be eager to snap up.

Toralei Stripe Is Cat Astrophe

Toralei Stripe - Cat Astrophe

The fourth and final release in this new range is Toralie Stripe. Of the four characters Toralei is the least well known and she has not been a student at Monster High as long as some of the other Ghouls. This makes her inclusion in the line something of a surprise, but definitely a nice surprise. There is only one previous Toralei doll and that is very hard to get hold of, so a new release of her is more than welcome. So Torelei here is playing the character Cat Astrophe and as you have probably guessed from her costume she is based on Cat Woman. Of all the new dolls this one looks the best and so we are expecting it to be very much in demand.

So Toraleie Strip or Cat Astrophe comes in a red and black cat suit. She wears long red boots with a massive black heel on them. Possibly the highlight of this one is the little black face mask she wears as it really does look very good indeed. She has red hair and a long tail which comes out the back of her suit. As with the other dolls this one comes with a brush and a stand that you can display her on.

As you can see the four new Power Ghouls dolls really do look very good. At the moment it is fairly easy to find Clawdeen and Spectra whereas Frankie and Toralei are a little harder to come by. There may be a second release date planned where the two latter dolls become more widely available. As these are the first big release of 2013 it shows that Mattel are planning on bringing lots more new dolls out over the coming year and we should have plenty to look forward to from the ghouls of Monster High.


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      Tyne 4 years ago

      Toralie is one of my favorites because Catwomen is favorites